clear thinking

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clear thinking - 理清思路,思路清晰,思维清晰
clear-thinking - 思维清晰的
Have a clear logical thinking - 思维逻辑清晰
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  • 不要让自我和贪婪妨碍清晰的思维和刻苦的工作。
    Don’t let ego and greed inhibit clear thinking and hard work.
  • 优秀的设计非常像清晰的思想被视觉化。
    Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.
  • 这些想法和情绪让你无法进行清晰地思考、不能冷静或控制好自己。 但是对于阻止住它们的涌动,你却感到无能为力。
    You feel unable to stop the flow of thoughts and emotions that prevent clear thinking, calmness or self-control.
  • 大一会想你,不搀杂其它感情的想,特干净的想。
    After I want you, is not mixed with other emotional thinking, clear thinking.
  • 清晰思维源于被提醒。
    Clear thinking comes from having being informed.
  • 救恩对我们最大好处之一,便是信徒的心怀意念是被上帝所赐、出人意外的平安所保守(腓立比书4章7节),而这会带来清晰的思想、敏锐的洞察力及智慧。
    One of the great benefits of salvation is that it causes the believer's mind to be guarded by the peace of God (Phil. 4:7), which can foster clear thinking, discernment, and wisdom.
  • 但是,常常有一种暗示,似乎法学院的教授在清晰思考上有某种垄断。
    Too often, however, the suggestion or connotation is that professors at law schools have some sort of a monopoly on clear thinking.
  • 这些推理、处理信息和判断真理的能力帮我们获得清晰的思维。
    These faculties of reasoning, processing information, and determining truth help lead to clear thinking.
  • 这种方法求解思路清晰,收敛速度快,计算精度高。
    The method has the advantage of clear thinking, rapidly converging and high precision.
  • 更精细地管理你的时间,需要清晰的思路、着眼点、规划和灵活性。
    Managing your time more carefully requires clear thinking, focus, planning, and flexibility.
  • 不清澈的思想而表现极明白者倒很多。
    No clear thinking and displays the extremely understand person down a lot.
  • 第三,指导思想,缺乏系统,操作不明确的想法。
    Third, the guiding ideology of the lack of system, operation is not clear thinking.
  • 您能谈谈行走、创造力和清晰思维之间的联系吗?
    Could you talk about the connection between walking, creativity and clear thinking?
  • 清楚的思考和汗是所有的那被需要。
    Clear thinking and perspiration are all that are required.
  • 面临两难处境时,内审人员要考虑清楚,然后做出决策。 (?这句有点拿不准)
    When faced with a dilemma, the auditor resorts to clear thinking and level headed decision-making.
  • 因为数学(金融)需要逻辑思维能力和数据处理,所以我需要保持清晰的思维和浓度。
    Because Mathematics (Finance) needs the ability of logic thinking and data processing, so I need to keep clear thinking and concentration.
  • 因此,尽管在当今新的竞争时代需要有明确的思想和新的信仰,可电信公司还是把战略和学说混为一谈。
    So today, even though the new era of competition requires clear thinking and new beliefs, telco culture inextricably mixes doctrine and strategy.
  • 我们都对 XML 用户和开发人员的最简实践和清晰思路抱有浓厚的兴趣。
    We share a keen interest in issues of good practices and clear thinking for XML users and developers.
  • 吃得撑饱还可以忍受,当烟酒就免了。你需要清洗的头脑去绘画。
    It is much better to suffer with a full stomach—but skip the wine or martinis. You need clear thinking to paint.
  • 交易大宗头寸时,要保持冷静和头脑清醒。
    Stay calm and maintain clear thinking when trading big positions.
  • 愤怒是一种强烈的情绪。强烈的情绪会影响一个人清晰思维的能力以及常识性的判断能力。在应对强烈的情绪时,解决争议的技巧会很有帮助。
    Anger is a strong emotion. Strong emotions can get in the way of clear thinking and commonsense. Conflict resolution skills are helpful when dealing with strong emotions.