chief of staff

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n. 参谋长;司令;办公室主任;幕僚长
Chief of staff - 参谋总长,参谋长,幕僚长,办公室主任
chief-of staff - 社长
Chief f of Staff - 总参谋长
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  • 当时我是办公厅副主任,但是当时总统,在外访问。
    I was the Deputy Chief of Staff at that time, but because the president was travelling in Anticard.
  • 你要我做你的办公室主任?
    You want me to be your chief of staff?
  • 由于前参谋总长向副总统,您可能有直接的认识,这些事件。
    As the former Chief of Staff to the Vice President, you may have direct knowledge of these events.
  • 但第一个,和他有真正谈话,和总统真正开会的,在我们的习惯里,是办公室主任。
    But the first person who had a real discussion had a real meeting with the president in our construct, was the Chief of Staff.
  • 当然,我也能当参谋长了。
    Sure. I could be chief of staff too.
  • 我选了一个参谋长。
    I have selected a Chief of Staff.
  • 调查人员星期二逮捕了布拉戈耶维奇和他的办公室主任。
    Investigators arrested Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff ( John Harris) today ( Tuesday).
  • 并将继续作为幕僚长为国家效命。
    And will continue serving as chief of staff.
  • 尽管他的手下并不怎么喜欢他,但他还是一个很不错的参谋长。
    He was a consummate chief of staff although not much loved by those who had to work for him.
  • 陪同他的是新任陆军参谋长。
    With his new chief of staff.
  • 是的,我知道,但我不主管这里。
    I'm chief of staff here, and you know it.
  • 他在部队做参谋长。
    He served as a chief of staff in the army.
  • 给我我的幕僚长。
    Deliver me my chief of staff.
  • 这是美军参谋长的命令。
    The chief of staff for the US army says it does.
  • 迈克是罗尼的办公厅主任,也是我们家的至交。
    Mike was Ronnie's deputy chief of staff, and a close family friend.