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n. 仙人山属;月光掌属
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  • 目的:研究蜡样芽孢杆菌CMCC(B)63301发酵青霉素酶的方法及其酶学特点。
    Objective: To study the characters of Bacillus cereus CMCC(B)63301, the ferment method, preserved method and its application in antibiotic quality control.
  • 金矿氧化带中的异氧菌一般多于自氧硫细菌,其优势菌以芽孢杆菌属中蜡状芽孢杆菌为主。
    The dominant bacteria in the oxidization zone of gold ore bodies are mainly the Bacillus cereus of the genus Bacillus.
  • 依据这些研究,作者认为蜡质芽孢杆菌孢子数是指示金矿床区金含量多少的一项重要指标。
    Based upon these research results, the authors concluded that the count of Bacilus cereus spore in soil sample is an important indicator of gold content in gold Ore deposit area.
  • 仙人掌的叶子的演化可以分为三种类型: (1)叶子完全退化的像:篱仙人掌。
    Leaves of the plants oE Cactaceae may be divided into three categories:(1) Completely reduced, such as Cereus peruvianus Haw.
  • 本文研究了乳酸在营养肉汤培养基对蜡样芽胞杆菌的抑制,以及前期乳酸浸泡大豆后对蜡样芽胞杆菌在天培中生长情况的影响。
    The inhibition effects of lactic acid on the growth of Bacillus cereus in nutrient broth was studied, and also the influence of acidified soak water with lactic acid before the fermentation of tempeh.
  • 在这以后,许多人还上门向她求画,请她画诱人的葡萄、肥厚的仙人掌……她成了一位当地人喜欢的水彩画家。
    After this, many people went to her home to ask her painting charming grape, incrassate cereus… She became the local favorite watercolorist.
  • 这些胡言乱语的文字,它们只是指尖开出的昙花。
    These words of nonsense, are only the night-blooming cereus.
  • 但是在这所有的花里我最难忘记的是盛夏的昙花。
    But the one that I remember most is night-blooming cereus in summer.
  • 尤其是蜡样芽孢杆菌的污染检出率高达100%。
    In particular, Bacillus cereus contamination detection rate as high as 100%.
  • 在许多调味品种,检出大肠杆菌,芽样芽孢杆菌, 产气荚膜梭状芽胞杆菌和沙门氏菌。
    Coliforms , B . cereus , C . porringers, and Salmonella species have been detected in most spices.
  • 建立了判断对357细菌活性物质相对浓度的方法即生长直径法,同时指出,抑菌圈不能有效地反映357细菌活性物质的相对浓度。
    The growth diameter of fungi showed that Bacillus cereus 357 produced different amount of bioactive substance depending on the culture media as well.