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  • 第二天,他终于鼓起了勇气,像往常一样走进了音像店,买了一张CD,她也像往常一样,到后面去替他包起来。
    He bought a CD like he did every day and once again she went to the back of the store and came back with it wrapped.
  • 一旦已经使用安装 CD 引导,如果幸运的话,它应该已经识别了您的驱动器。
    Once you have booted with the install CD, with a bit of luck it should have recognized your drive.
  • 把它们复制到 CD 上,这样就能在系统加入网络 之前就能安装好它们。
    Copy them to a CD so they can be installed before the system is plugged into the network.
  • 她把我的孩子们带到花园里,等她回来时发现我在玩弄她的CD机。
    She took my kids into the garden and, on returning, found me fiddling with her CD player.
  • 我们的代码在本书所附带光盘中的解决方案文件夹中。
    Our code is in the solutions folder on the CD included with this book.
  • 这个使用案例也是在 CD 清单页面上启动的。
    This use case also starts at the CD listing page.
  • 他们再也没有到达过这张CD的卓越,但是他们也到过接近这张专辑的高度。
    They have never topped the brilliance of this CD, but yet they have come close.
  • 与可刻录的CD很相似,你的事业媒介也是一个等待填满的空容器。
    Much like a recordable CD, your career medium is an empty container waiting to be filled.
  • 这个框架是建立在框架 5基础上的,因此可以继续与显示在购物车中的 CD 产生附属关系。
    This frame is based off of frame 5, and so continues the dependency chain, with the CD showing in the shopping cart.
  • 我唯一的建议就是希望能够再有一张CD,其中包含模板图表和征求意见的问卷。
    My only suggestion would be to include a CD with the template charts and questionnaire for ease of roll-out.
  • 设 AB 垂直于CD。
    Let AB be perpendicular to CD.
  • 仅仅是从激活光盘引导并且按照我们的指导书来恢复某些文件。
    Just boot into the Live CD and follow through our guide to recover some files.
  • 为了避免这个问题,应该在运行一些 SQL 脚本(创建注册(CD)表和索引)之前进行这项检查。
    In order to avoid this problem, you should do the check before running the SQL script for the registration (CD) tables and indexes creation.
  • 找一本关于冥想和放松方面的书或者CD,也可以查一下你当地的黄页就近参加一个练习班。
    Consult a book or CD for techniques on meditation and relaxation, or check your local yellow pages for a class near you.
  • 直线AB与直线CD相交于E点。
    The line AB cuts the line CD at the point E.
  • 直线AB 与 CD 相交于 E。
    The line AB intersects the line CD at E.
  • 将安装光盘中的所有 RPM 文件拷贝到这个目录中。
    Copy all RPMs from the installation CD to this directory.
  • 花17美元买一张CD的机会成本,就是你用这17美元所能做的其他事情,或许还有你购物所花费的时间价值。
    The opportunity cost of spending $17 on a CD is what you would havedone with the $17 instead, and perhaps the value of the time spentshopping.
  • 成功输出将您重定向回清单页面中,在这个页面中您可以查看根据清单 15 中显示的导航规则新编辑的 CD。
    The success outcome redirects you back to the listing, where you can look at your newly edited CD based on the navigation rule shown in Listing 15.
  • AB和CD两线相交于E点。
    Line AB intersects line CD at E.
  • 在音乐CD销售崩溃的同时,三分之一的音乐销售现在成为数字式的。
    While music CD sales crash and burn, almost one-third of all music sales are now digital.