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n. 牛;牲畜(骂人的话);家畜;无价值的人
n. (Cattle)人名;(意)卡特莱
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  • 主人懒得给牛打烙印。
    The owner couldn't be bothered to brand the cattle.
  • 两个老头儿在外面街角迟迟不走,聊着牛的事情。
    Outside, two old boys lingered on the street corner discussing cattle.
  • 我们已经给我们的牛打上了烙印。
    We have branded our cattle.
  • 这里有很好的草地供你们放牧牛马。
    There is good grassland here for your cattle and horses to graze on.
  • 大雷雨惊了牛群。
    The thunderstorm stampeded the cattle.
  • 牛群踏出了一条通往池塘的小径。
    The cattle had trodden a path to the pond.
  • 有几头牛在那池塘边饮水。
    Some cattle were drinking at the pool.
  • 喂肥牛群以宰杀。
    The cattle are being fattened for slaughter
  • 他那170头奶牛和200头乳牛都在那块地上圈养。
    His herd of 170 dairy cattle and 200 young stock are kept on the land.
  • 在大农场,牲畜通常是打烙印的。
    On big farms cattle are usually stamped with brands.
  • 他给牛喂燕麦。
    He feeds oats to his cattle.
  • 牛仔们有的赶着大篷车,有的骑着马,抛套索捕牛。
    Cowboys drove covered wagons and rode horses, lassoing cattle.
  • 牛群闯进了麦田,毁坏了不少庄稼。
    The cattle broke into the wheat fields and did much damage.
  • 他们养马和牛,前者供骑乘,后者供食用。
    They keep horses and cattle, the former for riding, the latter for food.
  • 乡间强盗正在学习早期西部人的做法,先让牛群受惊四处乱窜以转移农民的注意力,然后再洗劫他们的房屋。
    Countryside robbers are learning the ways of the wild west by stampeding cattle to distract farmers before raiding their homes.
  • 陈旧的石制牛食槽仍然放在大门口。
    The old stone cattle trough still sits by the main entrance.
  • 牛在村里的草地上吃草。
    The cattle were grazing on the village green.
  • 他找了一份放牛的差事,负责把牛赶到一起。
    He had sought work as a cowboy, rounding up cattle
  • 这些牛身上打了烙印,标明是我的牛。
    These cattle have my brand on them.
  • 有人在夜里偷走了牛。
    Someone ran the cattle off during the night.
  • 在那个地方,几乎任何绿色蔬菜或水果都可以给牛吃。
    In that part of the world you can feed cattle on almost any green vegetable or fruit
  • 那些牛甩动着尾巴驱赶苍蝇。
    The cattle were swinging their tails to disperse the flies.