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n. 大教堂
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  • 投到北面的影子使大教堂看起来像一个十字架形状的建筑。
    The cathedral appears as a cross-shaped building casting a shadow to the north.
  • 作为拥有539年历史的阿尔巴家族的家长,她的特权高到根本不用在罗马教皇面前下跪,还能骑着马进入塞维利亚大教堂。
    As head of the 539-year-old House of Alba, her privileges include not having to kneel before the pope and the right to ride on horseback into Seville cathedral.
  • 大教堂让你感觉神圣,目的是把自己置身于这宽阔空间,感觉你是这里的一部分。
    The goal is a cathedral you hold sacred, a place where you can feel part of something larger.
  • 那是冬日里最寒冷的一天,鸽子和麻雀们都站在大教堂屋顶上焦虑地四处张望,希望能找到点儿别人吃剩的东西,这可是恶劣天气里它们唯一的为生之物了。
    It was the coldest day of the winter, and the pigeons and sparrows on the Cathedral roof looked anxiously on all sides for the scraps of food which they were dependent on in hard weather.
  • 不过,整个大教堂的周边结构出现了些微损坏。
    However, there was some minor structural damage around the entire cathedral.
  • 圣保罗教堂的圆顶在伦敦是人人知晓的。
    The dome of St. Paul's Cathedral is well-known in London.
  • 那是早前在教堂开始枪击的同一个穿皮夹克的男人,那个决心要袭击丝苔妮的人。
    The same man in the leather jacket who’d started the shooting in the cathedral—the one intent on assaulting Stephanie.
  • 这个婴儿是在圣保罗教堂施洗礼的。
    The baby was christened in St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • 这对夫妇正在筹备“你所能想象到的在最大的一场婚礼”。 但是丹尼尔说她觉得在利物浦的教堂里能受到真诚的祝福也就很满足了。
    The couple are planning 'the biggest wedding you can think of' at a location 'down south', but Scouse Lloyd said she would also like a blessing at Liverpool Cathedral.
  • 不过另一些事情却明摆在那里,有人跑进大教堂里涂涂写写,墙上、楼梯上、画像上、窗户上到处都是。
    But some things are clear and distinguished. Some people came and wrote that they were there on all the parts of the cathedral.
  • 做礼拜 去看看圣帕特里克大教堂的建筑,或者前往布鲁克林的阿比西尼安浸信会进行周日福音活动。
    Go to church Check out the architecture of St Patrick’s Cathedral or head out to Brooklyn for a Sunday gospel service at Abyssinian Baptist Church.
  • 也许你跟别的有些人一样觉得某个超级英雄盘踞在楼顶或者大教堂的尖顶上沉思的场面最酷不过了。
    You may be one of those guys who thinks there’s nothing cooler than a superhero brooding on a rooftop or cathedral spire.
  • 早在13世纪,这种哥特式建筑是为了存储教堂屋顶上的淌下的雨水建造的,他们的嘴巴就像是喷泉口。
    They were incorporated into gothic stonework as early as the 13th-century to keep rain water off cathedral roofs, their mouths serving as the ejector spout.
  • 他的皮肤和骨骼现在保存在西西里的大教堂中。
    His skin and bones are kept in a Cathedral in Sicily.
  • 而拱形门道和支柱的崭新设计,为较薄的外墙和较大的窗户,包括教堂北、南、西三面著名的“蔷薇花瓣小圆窗”的建造作了准备。
    New developments in arched doorways and supports allowed for thinner outer walls and larger windows, including the famous Rose Windows on the cathedral's north, south, and west sides.