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vt. 投合,迎合;满足需要;提供饮食及服务
n. (Cater)人名;(英)凯特
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  • 而且它平和了,以至于有一点哀伤的意思,可能是想要迎合那些在过节期间感到忧郁的人们吧。
    It’s so placid, in fact, it almost feels sad in spots, perhaps to cater to all the people who feel blue over the holidays.
  • 酒店将继续提供传统的客房服务,然而这些新的食物和饮料可以迎合需求发生了变化的旅游者。
    The hotel will continue to offer traditional room service, while this new food and beverage experience will cater to the changing needs of today’s travelers.
  • 为了竞争并弄到一份工作,你必须拥有一个网站,有效地管理它并迎合你的网络。
    To compete and secure a job, you need to have an online presence, manage it effectively, and cater to your network.
  • 这两种产品迎合了两种不同的您。
    These two products cater to two different audiences.
  • 为了成功的向她们推销,你必须比以往更加迎合这部分人群的情感和关切,甚至传统上由男人来购买的产品也是一样。
    To be successful selling to them, you have to cater to their emotions and concerns more than ever before, even when selling products that men traditionally buy.
  • 一种说法是,持续增加的市场压力使学生们拥有更多权力,促使学校去迎合学生们娱乐的需求。
    One theory is that increased market pressures have empowered students, causing colleges to cater more to students’ desires for leisure.
  • 我们迎合不同的行业,它们之间的区别不一定是商业过程,而是它们处理的那些独特产品。
    We cater to different industries, and what separates them is not necessarily the business processes, but the unique products they handle.
  • 一些客户认为你应该完全迎合他们的反复无常。
    Some clients feel like you exist solely to cater to their every whim.
  • 虽然这些资源的制作者和OER项目的大多数都居住在发达世界的说英语国家,有希望的创举一样要迎合全球发展的需要。
    While the majority of producers of resources and OER projects are located in English-speaking countries in the developed world, promising initiatives like cater for a global development.
  • 我认为,那些迎合房地产投资者们的应用程序和网络服务将会在2010年大卖热卖。
    I think applications and web services that cater to the real estate investor are going to be huge in 2010.
  • 迎合有影响力博客和权威网站的人可能会链接到你,以及你的图片,视频,播客等,或要求转载您的内容;
    Cater to influential bloggers and authority sites who might link to you, your images, videos, podcasts, etc. or ask to reprint your content.