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接住 / 捕获 / 抓住 / 接
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捕捉, 感染, 赶上; 抓住; 燃着
捕捉, 捕捉之物, 陷阱
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n. 捕捉;捕获物;窗钩
vt. 赶上;抓住;感染;了解
vi. 赶上;抓住
catch - 抓住,职业摔角,赶上
catch on - 理解,流行起来,明白
catch fire - 着火,烧着,开始燃烧
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  • 他们看到船上的大炮在月光下熠熠生辉。
    They saw the ship's guns, catching the light of the moon
  • 她的脚踝被树根绊了一下,差点摔倒。
    Her ankle caught on a root, and she almost lost her balance
  • 我们时间充裕得很,足够安东尼赶上渡船。
    We were in plenty of time for Anthony to catch the ferry
  • 莉兹一把抓住了他的胳膊。
    Liz caught his arm
  • 鱼盛在一个大盘子里,以防汤汁洒出来。
    The fish is laid out on a large serving plate to catch the juices.
  • 我跳起来接球,结果摔了个跟头。
    I jumped up to catch a ball and fell over.
  • 那狠狠的一巴掌差点搧在他脸上。
    The stinging slap almost caught his face
  • 我突然发觉自己几乎同情起可怜的劳伦斯先生来了。
    I caught myself feeling almost sorry for poor Mr Laurence.
  • 看上去,她好像被摄影师搞了个猝不及防。
    She looked as if the photographer had caught her by surprise
  • 一阵风将降落伞吹远。
    A gust of wind caught the parachute.
  • 我拨了伊丽莎白的号码,心里想或许能赶在她去上班前联系到她。
    I dialled Elizabeth's number thinking I might catch her before she left for work
  • 我在想,会不会是什么动物掉进了陷阱。
    I wondered if it was an animal caught in a trap.
  • 比尔打开收音机,收听本地新闻。
    Bill turns on the radio to catch the local news
  • 这条鱼你在哪儿逮的?
    Where did you catch the fish?
  • 他听到一声微弱的叫声。
    His ears caught a faint cry
  • 我绝不会说他坏话的。
    You won't catch me giving him a bad review!
  • 我当时和他陷入热恋,我的朋友们都说能找到他是我的福气。
    I was so in love with him and all my friends said what a good catch he was.
  • 她摆弄着包上的搭扣。
    She fiddled with the catch of her bag
  • 他出岛捕鱼时,赶上一场暴风雨,差点淹死。
    When he was fishing off the island he was caught in a storm and almost drowned
  • 他撞见一个青年正在撬车。
    He caught a youth breaking into a car
  • 警方说他们有信心抓住那个持枪歹徒。
    Police say they are confident of catching the gunman
  • 顶头上司出了大洋相,当兵的最高兴了。
    It makes soldiers happy to know that somebody right at the top has been caught with his trousers down
  • 无疑,普金先生的讲话充分反映了大多数代表的心情。
    There's no doubt Mr Putin's speech caught the mood of most deputies.
  • 捕获的鱼里有一条重逾18磅。
    The catch included one fish over 18 pounds.
  • 他跪在她的旁边,双手握住她的一只手。
    He knelt beside her and caught her hand in both of his
  • 圈套在于你是在挣钱糊口,但食宿其实有可能非常简单。
    The catch is that you work for your supper, and the food and accommodation can be very basic
  • 我的鞋子引起了他的注意。
    My shoes caught his attention
  • 压力越大,越有可能患感冒。
    The more stress you are under, the more likely you are to catch a cold.