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adv. 随便地;偶然地;临时地
Casually - 胡乱,随口,随意地
He casually - 随便他
The casually - 随便了
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随意地 / 偶然地 / 漫不经心地 / 不负责任地
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偶然地; 若无其事地; 无意地
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  • 你怎能这样随便回答他呢?
    How could you answer him so casually?
  • 这样冒冒失失去找他可不好。
    It's improper to drop in on him so casually.
  • “你怎么没告诉我呀,阿奇?”——“因为你可能会一不小心说了出去。”
    'Why didn't you tell me, Archie?' — 'Because you might have casually mentioned it to somebody else.'
  • 他走到我的桌旁,非常随意地拿起了我的通讯录。
    He walked by my table and, casually as you please, picked up my address book
  • 他穿着很随便的牛仔裤和t恤衫。
    He was casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.
  • 然后,我随口提起,我用了爷爷的秘方。
    Then, I casually mentioned that I had used Grandpa's recipe.
  • 我一般穿着非常随便。
    I usually dress casually.
  • 亲爱的,知道你和她在一起后;我说随便,我不在乎。
    My dear, know that you and her together after; I said casually, I do not care.
  • 你连六行字都没给他写过,即使是心不在焉、潦潦草草地写点也好!
    You haven't written him six lines, dashed off casually.
  • 她在一个不适宜的场合偶然的打开了盒子。
    She opened the case casually in an improper occasion.
  • 他偶然提起他要辞职了。
    He casually mentioned that he was leaving his job.
  • 他们衣着时尚,但很休闲,也许是学生。
    They were smartly but casually dressed; possibly students
  • 我希望你能装着很随意的提起我花了多少钱给你买这条项链。
    I want you to casually mention how much I paid for your necklace.
  • 几分钟以后,我漫不经心地伸出手,拿出最后一块饼干,并且瞥了那人一眼。
    After a couple of minutes, I casually put out my hand, took the last biscuit and glanced at the man.
  • 她信步而行,享受着湿漉漉的草地触及双脚的感觉。
    She trod casually, enjoying the touch of the damp grass on her feet.
  • 他胡乱编造了一个迟到的借口。
    He fabricated an excuse casually for being late.
  • 他说了个活话儿,说可能下星期日再来。
    He mentioned casually that he might come again next sunday.
  • 什么都不能扰乱她随意地和员工打招呼时流露出的那种镇定自若。
    Nothing could ruffle the perfect composure with which she casually greets members of staff.
  • 我将能穿的更随意。
    I'll be able to dress more casually.
  • 她曾随口提到过,当时她的冷漠很让他吃惊。
    She'd mentioned it casually once, surprising him by her unconcern
  • 你怎么能这样随便答应呢?
    How could you agree so casually?
  • 约翰逊穿着休闲,宽松的长裤配淡蓝色高尔夫衬衫。
    Johnson was clad casually in slacks and a light blue golf shirt.
  • 我不会随便粘着别人,可是你除外。
    I will not casually adhesive other people, but except you.