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n. 便装;临时工人;待命士兵
adj. 随便的;非正式的;临时的;偶然的
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  • 对了,这些比拟可以表达生活的飞快速度,表达那永不休止的消耗和修理;一切都那么偶然,那么碰巧。
    Yes, that seems to express the rapidity of life, the perpetual waste and repair; all so casual, all so haphazard.
  • 有一些故事是关于语源学的,关于语言的本质以及那些词语与我们周围的元素的偶然联系。
    Some of it is about etymology, about the nature of words and their casual links with the elements around us.
  • 你可能会感觉在这个休闲的年代太盛装,但何时美丽女士谈论过她喜欢一个男人的程度是因为他总是穿着朴素呢?
    You may feel too dressed up in this casual age, but when has a beautiful woman ever remarked how much she likes a man because he always dresses down?
  • 无论你是否想在线玩高级的3D游戏,或者随便的一款游戏,我们都将给你一些参考。
    Whether you want an advanced 3D game with online play, or a more casual one, we'll give you some options.
  • 如今几乎没有游客到这么偏远的地方来。 我在永平随便找了一名导游王,永平是我旅途开始时经过的城镇。
    Few tourists today venture this far, and I simply pick up my casual guide, Wang, at Yongping, one of the first towns on the journey.
  • 你必须要考虑那些要在你的环境下工作一段时间的临时用户,他们会有什么样的感受。
    You have to consider what the experience is like for casual users who need to work in your environment for a while.
  • 但正是在这样随意的场合里,每个人才敞开了心扉,我也能用自己的方式轻松的谈论艺术。
    But in this casual setting, everyone opened up, and I was able to talk about art in the most relaxed and personal way.
  • 我有三套非正式的服装,都是我亲手做的。 每去一个地方,我都随身带着。
    I have three outfits, casual, that I made myself, that go with me everywhere.
  • 全球有那么多休闲游戏开发者,而且他们都没有赚钱,如果你想进入这个行业,那么你就要努力开发出一些不同的、新鲜的和非同一般的游戏出来。
    There are lots of casual game developers in the world, and they don't make money. If you want to get into the business, then work hard to come up with something different, new and unusual.
  • 要友善,但不要过度随便或套近乎。
    Be friendly, but not overly casual or familiar.
  • 软件和内容在某些方面的界限很模糊,例如一些休闲游戏。
    Software and content blur together in some of the most lightweight software, like casual games.
  • 我不知道如何越过随便的友谊进入到任何浪漫的关系,根本没有任何主意。
    I had no idea how to get beyond casual friendships to anything romantic, no idea at all.
  • 我们是在火车长途旅行中偶然结识的朋友。
    We are the casual acquaintance of a long railway journey.