care about

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v. 担心,关心
care about - 关心,担心,在乎
care much about - 关注
care more about - 照顾更多约,更多关心,更关心
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  • 那是所有我们关心的。
    That's all we care about.
  • 我们一样关心他们。
    We care about them, too.
  • 如果你担心注意力和注意力集中好坏的问题,那么一次就在一件事上努力吧。
    If you care about focusing, and focusing well, try your hand on one thing at a time.
  • 但也许他们很关心我吧,毕竟它们是我的云。
    But I think they care about me, after all they are my clouds.
  • 关键是:询问你的经理他们关心什么? 聆听他们的需要。
    The key: Ask your manager what they care about, Listen, Listen, Listen.
  • 和任何你关心的人分享这些.
    Share this with anyone you care about.
  • 你如果只关心自己,那你就很难得到人们的关注。
    People don’t care about you if you only care about yourself.
  • 充其量,它们只是关心它们作为个体细胞自己的生活,它们没有承担起对那上层躯体健康应尽的责任。
    At best they only care about their lives as individual cells, but they fail to assume responsibility for the health of the larger body.
  • 另一方面,如果他们不知道自己在做什么或者他们根本不关心老百姓,就会不受任何约束地走上歧途,这就更危险了。
    On the other hand, it is more dangerous. If they do not know what they are doing or they do not care about the people, they can go off without any constraints.
  • 我们所关心的就是我们的梦境里发生了什么,即便梦境完全没有道理。
    We care about what happens in our dreams, even when what happens makes no sense.
  • 她说:“这场运动包含了我关心的一切。
    This particular movement encompasses everything I care about. Everything.
  • 你真正关心的东西。
    Something you care about.
  • 不时地与你所关心的人联系。
    Contact people you care about before and after.
  • 但是,从那些我们密切接触的圈子得到的东西离我们越远,我们就越容易理解它,关心它,或有效地处理它。
    But the further away something gets from those intimate circles, the less capacity we have to understand it, to care about it, or to deal with it effectively.
  • 你可能对于你同伴的性别很关心、或者一点点关心、甚至于很冷淡一点都不关心——但是他们的性别不能阻止你为他们所吸引。
    You might care about the gender of your partner a lot, a little, or not at all - but their gender doesn't prevent you from being attracted to them.
  • 他们知道我们关心他们工作的质量。
    They know we care about the quality of their work.
  • 然后告诉他/她:“我一直在思考关于你的事情,因为我真的很关心你。
    Then tell him or her, "I've been thinking about you because I really care about you.
  • 但在本例中,我们只关心寄存器里的第一个字。
    But in this case we only care about the first word of the register.
  • 他们关心的是钱。
    They care about money.
  • 大多数我们所关心的性格并不仅仅受一个几个却是上百个基因的影响。
    Most traits we care about will be influenced by not one or a few but hundreds of genes.
  • 所以,刚开始的这些谈话中,你的主要目标应该是让团队成员觉得,你关心他们每一个人,并且乐于帮助他们实现目标。
    So your goal in these early conversationsis to let your team members know you care about them as individuals and you’rethere to help them achieve their goals.