carbon emitters

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  • 碳纳米管被认为是目前最有前途的场发射显示材料之一。
    Carbon nanotubes have been recognized as one of the most promising electron field emitters currently available.
  • 同时,中印两国对自然资源和能源的需求,以及其二氧化碳的排放量,也都将是全球之首。
    They will lead the world in demand for natural resources and energy, and be its largest carbon emitters.
  • 实验表明,金刚石镶嵌非晶碳膜是制做场效发射冷阴极的合适材料。
    The diamond-carbon films will be good for cold electron field emitters.
  • 而且作为世界上两个最大的二氧化碳排放国,我们也有责任采取行动。
    And as the world's two biggest emitters of carbon emissions, we also have a responsibility to act.
  • 我们是最大的两个经济体,在最大的军事部门之中,最大的碳排放者。
    We are the two largest economies, among the two largest militaries, the largest carbon emitters.
  • 利用碳纳米管作为阴极材料的场致发射显示屏是一种新型的平板器件。
    The field emission panel with carbon nanotubes emitters is new flat display.
  • 这样,每个国家根据它的“高排放者”(过度产出碳的人)数量来完成减少本国排放的任务。
    Each country would then have the task of reducing its national consumption according to its number of “high emitters”—people with an extravagant output of carbon.
  • 碳纳米管场致发射显示器是一种新型的真空器件,也是一种具有巨大应用潜力的平板型显示设备。
    The field emission display with carbon nanotubes emitters is a kind of new vacuum devices, and is new flat display device with a great deal of application potential.
  • 创建一个对会带来污染的碳排放进行收费的市场应该会有所帮助。
    A market for carbon—charging emitters for the ability to pollute—could help.
  • 从2013年到2020年允许的碳排放的执照数量已经确定。
    The number of permits to be issued to carbon emitters from 2013 to 2020 has already been fixed.