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Candy - 糖果,糖果,Candy feat.Mr. Blistah
Candy Candy - 小甜甜,Candy Candy,CANDY CANDY
Candy Rain - 花吃了那女孩,爱情糖果雨,糖果雨
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  • 我只不过看了看糖果,我没有吃。
    I merely looked at the candy; I did not eat it.
  • 他把卡在喉咙里的糖咯了出来。
    He coughed up the candy that was stuck in his throat.
  • 我到商店买了一块冰糖和两块肥皂。
    I went to the store for a candy bar and two bars of soap.
  • 粘糖在我手中化开了,把我的手指粘住了。
    My fingers gummed together as the sticky candy melted in my hand.
  • 他的口袋全被糖粘住了。
    His pocket was all gummed up with candy.
  • 当然,她和我一样喜欢吃柠檬糖。
    Of course, she and I like to eat lemons like candy.
  • 乔还有一个怪癖,就是喜欢不停地嚼硬糖。
    Joe's other peculiarity was that he was constantly munching hard candy.
  • 这糖有巧克力味儿。
    The candy has a chocolate flavour.
  • 从盒子里拿出一块糖果。
    Take a candy from the box.
  • 她吃的糖果太多了。
    She eats too much candy.
  • 我买了两个南瓜和一大袋糖果。
    I bought two pumpkins and a big bag of candy.
  • 用于婴儿食品,糖果和人造奶油。
    For baby food, candy and artificial butter.
  • 你为什么喜欢甜的东西例如糖果和巧克力?
    Why do you like sweets like candy and chocolate?
  • 我喜欢吃汉堡,巧克力,冰激凌和糖果,可是这些食物都是不健康的食品。
    I like eating hamburger, chocolate, ice-cream and candy, but they are unhealthy food.
  • 那都是糖果和垃圾食品。
    That's all candy and junk food.
  • 当有人来为我提供了一个糖果及糖装蛋糕。
    When somebody came and offered me a candy and sugar loaded cake.
  • 糖是冰糖的主要成分。
    Sugar is the main constituent of candy.
  • 如果我明天给你买糖果你满足吗?
    Will it content you if I let you have candy tomorrow?
  • 噢,我还吃了些糖果和面包。
    Oh, I also ate some candy and some bread.