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  • 对自己的问题保持坦白是朝着发现和解决问题前进的重要一步。
    Being candid about your problems is a major step toward finding and living the solutions to them.
  • 因此我认为它一方面包括你要处理好坦白的反馈,而另一方面是你必须“出现”在那里。
    So I think part of it is the way you handle candid feedback, but the other part is being present.
  • 双方互信是此种关系的基础,一旦信任被打破,坦白公正的对话是不可能的。
    Mutual trust is the basis of such relations and once that trust is breached, candid conversations are less likely.
  • 最后,我告诉克拉丽莎,如果她能坦白我们的债务状况,我就不会发火了。
    Finally, I told Clarissa if she was candid about our debts, I wouldn't go ballistic.
  • 如果你不能做到公正无私,别人会认为他们也不能如此。
    If you can't be candid, others will think they can't either.
  • 我的目的是尽可能的诚实和坦率。
    My goal is to be honest and candid.
  • 所以,在这个假期里,当相机和手机出现的时候,请给出你最好,最真诚的笑容,这会是一件很好的事情。
    So during this holiday season, when the cameras and cell phones come out, give it your best, most candid smile…it appears a good thing.
  • 我的良知今天告诉我在以往每一个场合中我都根据这些原则的明显含义和每一个坦诚思维对之的理解来遵守它们。
    My conscience tells me I have on every occasion acted up to that declaration according to its obvious import and to the understanding of every candid mind.
  • 我们中的许多人,如果我们是坦率的,都曾经这样做过。
    Many of us, if we are candid, have done that.
  • 因为舒适、好玩、率直、说狠话、表真情、违反规则等情状以及或多或少地地降低愤怒和痛苦,你可能会咒骂,但是弊大于利。
    You probably swear because it is easy, fun, candid, emphatic, expressive, breaks rules, and somehow partially reduces anger and pain. But the negatives outweigh the positives.
  • 一位可能的同事也许是最坦白交待工作的人,关于工作中的挑战和工作环境等。
    Apotential colleague may be most candid about the job, its challenges and the work environment.
  • 就是由于之前的经理不够坦白,这个第一次做经理的人被骗做了替罪羊。
    Because theprevious manager was not candid, the first-time manager was tricked into doingthe dirty work.
  • 她的坦白的年轻的观点和她对当代青少年情况的不断了解和更新对家长们来说无疑是一座宝库。
    Her candid and young perspective, as well her constant survey of resources and updates about this generation of young people are a treasure trove for parents.
  • 波斯纳说:“我们进行的讨论是坦率和有建设性的,包括一系列双方有分歧的领域。
    “The discussions we had were candid and constructive, including a range of areas where we disagree,” Posner said.
  • 当然,中方也不会回避与丹方就彼此存在的分歧坦诚交换看法。
    China will not shy away from candid exchange of views with Denmark on our differences.
  • 在吸引全世界注意最近的这些成功之时,报告对主要的障碍,例如该区域孕产妇和新生儿的高死亡率等主要障碍做出坦率的评估。
    While drawing the world's attention to recent successes, the Report offers a candid appraisal of major hurdles, such as the high rate of maternal and newborn mortality overall in the Region.