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n. 营火;营火会
campfire - 营火,营火,篝火
campfire girl - 露营女团员
Campfire Party - 篝火晚会
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营火, 营火会
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  • 夏季许多地方有篝火项目、有导游的行走以及其它解释性的介绍活动,而其它季节则以有限的原则进行活动。
    Campfire programs, guided walks and other interpretive presentations are available at numerous locations in the summer, and on a limited basis during other seasons.
  • 科罗拉多大枢纽点,杰夫和雷德兰兹社区教会的青年队准备点燃营火。
    Jeff Seacrest prepares kindling for a campfire with his youth group at Redlands Community Church in Grand Junction, Colo.
  • 到处都是用旧了的树桩和圆木,还有篝火的灰烬。
    Here and there sat well-worn stumps and logs and the remnants of a campfire.
  • 不慎的时候只要一根火柴就足以引发森林大火,而想点燃一堆篝火却需要整整一盒火柴,真纳闷。
    How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?
  • 很快地,城里的“部族”们便接到了通知,前来安营扎寨,培育花园,生起篝火暖和身子骨,并且创立了所谓“有机联邦”。
    Promptly, the word went out for the tribes to pitch their tents, cultivate their gardens, warm their bones by the campfire, and create the Organic Commonwealth.
  • 因此,就像面对一盆篝火一样,这颗新发现的恒星温度可以被加热到升高到舒适的温度,如果存在水的话,那么就是液态水。
    So this new planet we've found would be warmed up -- like a face to a campfire -- to lukewarm temperatures, making the water, if any, liquid.
  • 他们美美地吃了一顿饭后, 就围在营火旁讲起了故事, 唱起了歌.
    After a wonderful meal, they told stories and sang songs by the campfire.
  • 音乐起源于围绕在古老的篝火周围的一些原始歌曲,这个日期我们是不可能确定的。
    The origin of music, beginning with some primeval song around an ancient campfire, is impossible to date.
  • 你懂的,从直升机上跳下来,在泥潭里匍匐前进,围坐在篝火旁。
    You know, jump out of helicopters, crawl in the mud, sit around the campfire.
  • 傍晚我们在闪烁的篝火边用餐,听见树林里有沙沙的响动时就大声唱歌。
    By evening we dined by the flickering light of our campfire and sang when we heard rustling in the woods.
  • 女儿没有掉一滴泪,直到我准备要把这个小蚂蟥扔到营火去烧死。
    No tears I should say until I was ready to pitch the little leech body into the campfire.
  • 我觉得好像有人在我的胸膛里点了一堆篝火!
    And I felt as if somebody had lit a campfire in my chest!
  • 现代摇滚音乐会里时不时传出一阵阵的呼喊声。 但是他们还是紧随着先人的脚步--围着篝火跳舞唱歌。
    A far cry from the modern rock concert, but still, enough to get the tribe on their feet – dancing and chanting around the campfire.
  • 我们在晚上围绕营火坐着,我们唱歌或者讲故事。
    We sit around a campfire at night. We sing or tell stories.
  • 音乐起源于围绕在古老的篝火周围的一些原始歌曲,日期是不可能确定的。
    The origin of music, beginning with some primeval song around an ancient campfire, is impossible to date.
  • 在船上,还有在晚餐后的篝火边,吉拉给我们背诵描写淘金热的文学作品——一首罗伯特.塞维斯的诗,或者杰克.伦敦的传奇,有关艰苦卓绝和荒诞不经的人生,以及在寒冷中死去。
    On the boat, and at the campfire after dinner, Kyla recites from the literature of the gold rush - a poem by Robert Service or a tale by Jack London, accounts of hardship, folly and dying of cold.
  • 当我们去野营的时候,我在营火边歌唱。
    When we go camping, I sing by the campfire.
  • 但是我则不同,把他们邀请到我的大篷车,围拢在篝火旁,饮着家酿的苹果酒。
    But I invite them back to my caravan instead to have homemade cider around the campfire.
  • 比尔热情洋溢地解释他的梦想,以至于他跳过了篝火。
    Bill was so passionate about explaining his vision that he was leaping over the campfire.