call on

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call on - 拜访,访问,号召
Call recording on demand - 按需录音
Call back on busy - 回拨繁忙,遇忙回叫
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拜访; 请求; 号召
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  • 这时候拜访什么人或打听什么人已经太晚了,他只好无可奈何地把寻找苔丝的事推迟到明天早晨。
    It was too late to call on or inquire for any one, and he reluctantly postponed his purpose till the morning.
  • 从此,她再也没有给我来过电话。
    She did not call on me again.
  • 我要去看望我的一位老同学。
    I'm going to call on one of my former classmates.
  • 你完全没有任何经验可以遵循;,在这之前你也没有见过类似的情况。
    You have no experience at all to call on; you have never seen anything like this.
  • 可这一切都是梅的意愿,他不由觉得自己无须承担更多的责任;因而只要他乐意,他完全可以去拜访她的表姐,而无须事先告诉她。
    But May had willed it so, and he felt himself somehow relieved of further responsibility--and therefore at liberty, if he chose, to call on her cousin without telling her.
  • 因此,无论何时何地,当你与我所是的和平分离时,呼唤我吧。
    Call on me, therefore, wherever and whenever you are separate from the peace that I am.
  • 为了迎接我们这个时代的挑战,我们大家都必须发扬这种为国效力和献身的精神。
    All of us must call on this spirit of service and sacrifice to meet the challenges of our time.
  • 我们的销售人员每月访问最好的客户两次。
    Our salesmen call on their best account twice a month.
  • 那么明天那时我可以拜访你吗?
    Then may I call on you at that time tomorrow?
  • 敝公司海外供销主任李先生将于下月初,携同大批货品到伦敦一行,专程拜访贵公司。
    Mr. Lee, our overseas director, will be in London early next month and will be glad to call on you.
  • 在你身处麻烦之时,上帝想要你向他寻求帮助,他说,“并要在患难之日求告我,我必搭救你。
    God wants you to ask him for help when you are in trouble. He says, “Call on me in times of trouble.
  • 为此我们的供销经理史密斯先生将带一些可以帮助你们增加销售额的展览材料去访问你们。
    Our sales manager, Mr. Smith, will call on you with some display material which should help you to effect a higher volume of sales.
  • 这样,我们便不退后离开你。 求你救活我们,我们就要求告你的名。
    Then we will not turn away from you; revive us, and we will call on your name.
  • 接下来,我呼吁所有大学校园向我们的军方征兵人员和后备军官训练队敞开大门。
    And with that change, I call on all of our college campuses to open their doors to our military recruiters and the ROTC.
  • 当你遇到问题时可以请求他们帮助而不必特地去补偿什么以表感激。
    These are people who you can call on for help without needing to specifically do something to pay for it.