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n. 啤酒厂
brewery - 啤酒厂,酿酒厂,酿造厂
Tsingtao Brewery - 青岛啤酒,青岛啤酒厂,青岛啤酒公司
Kingway Brewery - 金威啤酒
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  • 啤酒厂酿造水处理系统的设计改造及水质控制
    Design and Modification of Brewing Water Treatment System and Water Quality Control of Brewery
  • 对,他这回失算了。在那酿酒厂上谁也别想赚钱。
    Yes, he slipped this time. Nobody can make money from that brewery.
  • 另外,在一些古代遗址里还发现了一些烤炉和打磨过的石头,这也是那时人们酿酒的证明。
    There was also evidence that ovens and grinding stones found at ancient sites formed the foundations of a brewery.
  • 该文介绍了绿豆啤酒的生产工艺过程,并对绿豆啤酒的非生物稳定性进行了探讨。采用吸附生物降解工艺处理啤酒废水。
    The production technology and the non-biological stabilization of mung bean beer were discussed. An adsorption biodegradation process was used to treat brewery industrial wastewater.
  • 我们本地的酿酒厂与另一个公司合并了。
    Our local brewery has amalgamated with another firm.
  • 她坐在酒厂的品酒室里,尝了一口香港黑啤。
    Sitting in the brewery's tasting room, she took a sip of the Hong Kong Black.
  • 我们不得不变卖东西以偿付啤酒厂的账单。
    We had to sell things off to pay the brewery bill.
  • 他本应该也这样照料酒厂才对。
    He must've taken care of the brewery too.
  • 后来,有了牛栏山酒厂。
    Later, had kraal mountain brewery.
  • 我们听说你被酿造厂开除了。
    We heard you got fired from the brewery.
  • 他们那些设备都是从曼哈顿一家已经关闭的啤酒厂购买的。
    They bought all their equipment from a defunct brewery in Manhattan.
  • 我喜欢酿酒厂的免费旅游。
    And I loved the free tour of the brewery.
  • 采用厌氧-好氧工艺,结合微生物菌剂对酿酒废水进行了处理研究。
    Brewery wastewater from Sichuan Quanxing Brewery was treated by anaerobic-aerobic technique combined with effective microbes.
  • 这种啤酒是查尔斯·威尔斯啤酒厂生产的。
    The beer is brewed at the Charles Wells Brewery.
  • 深井曝气工艺在啤酒生产废水处理中的应用
    Application of Deep Well Aeration Technics in Treatment of Brewery Wastewater
  • 这也是网站的青岛啤酒。
    It is also the site of the Tsingtao Brewery.
  • 利用啤酒废水制备生物絮凝剂的研究
    Study on Preparation of Microbial Flocculant Using Brewery Wastewater
  • 你有那家酿酒厂的消息了吗?
    Did you hear any more from the brewery?
  • UASB+SBR工艺处理啤酒废水的研究
    Engineering Practice of UASB+ SBR Process to the Brewery Wastewater Treatment
  • 天气状况使得对啤酒的需求大增,一家啤酒厂周末要加班了。
    The weather has brought such a demand for beer that one brewery will operate over the weekend
  • 我找了份在啤酒厂洗瓶子的工作。干了两星期,就再也受不了了。
    Got a job bottle-washing at the brewery. I lasted a fortnight. I couldn't stick it
  • 采用吸附生物降解工艺处理啤酒废水。
    An adsorption biodegradation process was used to treat brewery industrial wastewater.
  • 或者我该说是我们的酿酒厂?
    Or should I say our brewery?
  • 嘉士伯通过嘉士伯基金,多年来一直在赞助科学研究。
    Carlsberg Brewery for many years has sponsored scientific research through the Carlsberg Foundation.
  • 外循环厌氧法处理啤酒废水的启动和运行试验研究
    Study on Start-Up and Operation of External Circular Anaerobic Process Treating Brewery Wastewater
  • 伊登堡酿酒厂以传统酿制方式酿造啤酒。
    The beer is brewed in the time-honoured way at the Castle Eden Brewery.
  • 采用活性炭纤维为填料处理啤酒废水的研究
    Study on Brewery Wastewater Treatment Using Activated Carbon Fiber as Filler
  • 酿酒厂的所有者或管理者。
    The owner or manager of a brewery.