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Breakthroughs - 突破,突破点
key breakthroughs - 重大突破,关键性突破
Business Breakthroughs - 商业突破
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  • 我们有能力实现最惊人的技术突破,但由于我们无法进行更基本层面的自我克制,我们正在破坏我们取得的成就。
    We have become capable of the most stunning technological breakthroughs -- but we are sabotaging them by proving ourselves incapable of the most basic forms of self-restraint.
  • 一个是,使人们能以非常低的成本获得如此多的信息与处理能力,将会带来新突破。
    One is that making so much information and processing power available at very low cost will produce new breakthroughs.
  • 她说:“突破几乎总是诞生于失败之中。”
    "Breakthroughs are almost always born of failures, " she says.
  • 考虑到到这些我们都可以实现的机会,分享他们的挑战和突破性的进展。
    Consider the opportunities we all have to contribute to the lives of others, to share in their challenges and breakthroughs.
  • 以这种观点,所有的技术突破都是以现存技术元素的创新合并而出现,它自身通过同样的方式产生。
    In this view all technological breakthroughs emerge as novel combinations of existing technological components, which have themselves come into existence through the same process.
  • 今天,我不清楚这个故事的真实程度,但其中一些听起来是真的;我也不知道史蒂夫·乔布斯是否立即明白技术突破的价值是技术知识的共同主题。
    Now, I had no idea how much of this story was true, but some of it sounded right; Steve Jobs immediately seeing the value in tech breakthroughs is a common theme in tech lore.
  • 通过在农业与疾病防治方面的突破,对DNA的控制应能大幅度改善人类健康状况。
    By creating breakthroughs in agriculture and disease-fighting, the manipulation of DNA should lead to profound improvements in human health.
  • 就算是最弱的项目,也有不少突破。
    Even in their weakest sports, there were breakthroughs.
  • 医学专家将杀菌视为公众健康历史上的其中一个重要的突破。
    Medical experts consider pasteurization as one of the major breakthroughs in public health history.
  • 这些给人希望的疗法和各种各样的突破都有很长的历史。
    These promised cures and assorted breakthroughs turn out to have a long history.
  • 但是,尽管在之后的200 多年中我们在科技上已有众多突破,煤在21 世纪仍作为一种重要燃料被继续使用。
    But despite the scientific and technological breakthroughs of more than 200 years, coal continues to be an important fuel in the 21st century.
  • 当然,自从1981年就有很多重要的科学突破。
    Of course, there have been remarkable scientific breakthroughs since 1981.
  • 这些突破可能是些什么?
    What might those breakthroughs be?
  • 后来,他经历了两个被他看作是伟大的文学突破的时期 – 把它们比作蒸汽车的发现。
    Much later, he experienced what he regarded as two great literary breakthroughs - comparing them to the discovery of the steam train.
  • 近来科技上的突破可以让人们更有效地从页岩中提取天然气,但这不能根除对煤的使用。
    Recent technological breakthroughs have made natural gas extracted from shale more available, but that will not eliminate the use of coal.
  • 对于我来说,意识到这一点是最显著的突破之一。
    For me, that realisation is one of the most significant breakthroughs.
  • 想想所有的好工作,从制造业到零售业都来自于这些突破。
    Just think of all the good jobs –from manufacturing to retail –that have come from those breakthroughs.
  • 一个星际的任务真正的圣杯将是我们在热核能利用能力上的突破--就是核聚变。
    The real Holy Grail for an interstellar mission will be breakthroughs in our ability to harness thermonuclear energy -- namely fusion.
  • 另外一些理论提出阶段二的壮举包括星际旅行和移动整个行星的能力——所有的这些都在遗传学或计算技术所发生任何突破之上。
    Other theorized type II feats include interstellar travel and the ability to move entire planets -- and all this on top of whatever breakthroughs have occurred in genetics and computing.
  • 只是再过117天,哥本哈根气候峰会就要召开了,如果我们要在今年圣诞节有成绩可庆祝的话,需要尽快取得突破。
    But with just 117 days to go until the start of the Copenhagen conference, major breakthroughs are needed soon if we are to have anything to celebrate this Christmas.
  • 能量储存:能源突破的关键。
    Energy Storage: The Lynchpin of Energy Breakthroughs.