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n. 刹车
v. 制动(brake的现在分词);刹车;制动系统
braking - 制动,刹车设置,刹车
braking distance - 制动距离,刹车距离,刹车视距
regenerative braking - 再生制动,回馈制动,反馈制动
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煞住; 抑制, 约束; 煞车, 制动; 揉碎
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  • 现代的F1赛车上都有大量的传感器,传感器记录了海量的关键数据,像是油门、制动、加速度等等,并将这些数据传送到后方。
    Modern F1 cars are fitted with hundreds of sensors that amass data on key parameters, such as throttle, braking and acceleration, and then send them back to the pits.
  • 科学家说,接受到司机的脑电波信号能缩短刹车距离以避免撞车。
    Tapping into drivers' brain signals can cut braking distances and avoid car crashes, according to scientists.
  • 一个关在自行车在冬天的通报:“当你在冬天骑的时候刹车需要格外小心,”一个专家的建议。
    A tip sheet for cycling in winter conditions: “While riding in winter, you of course need to be extra cautious when braking, ” an expert advises.
  • 最好的柴油-电力混合动力车只能挽回25%的刹车能量。
    The best diesel-electric hybrid can only recover 25 percent of the braking energy.
  • 发射后差不多三天时间,制动火箭启动了,阿波罗8号飞船进入了月球轨道。
    Nearly three days after launch, the braking engines fired and the Apollo 8 capsule went into orbit around the moon.
  • 吉尔说,这样的驾驶技术不会使你落在交通灯前的领头或者尾巴上,但可以使你的油耗降低不少,同时车辆的刹车系统部件寿命也会增长。
    Gil knows that this driving technique won't put you in the pole position at every traffic light, but your mileage will go up, as will the life of your vehicle's braking system components.
  • 与先进的现代轮胎配合,赛车极大地缩短制动距离。
    In combination with the modern advanced tyre compounds they have dramaticallyreduced braking distances.
  • 他发明的无线自行车制动系统在三万亿次试验中仅失败三次,这无疑为无线飞行操控扫平了前路。
    And his wireless braking system on a bike could pave the way after he proved it would only fail three times in a trillion attempts.
  • 整体来说这个赛道有各种各样的弯角,包括需要大力刹车的发夹弯和通过顺畅的其他弯角。
    Overall the circuit has a great variety of corners, including hard braking for a hairpin and other corners which flow nicely.
  • 除了最新最热门的车型,这次展览以使人震惊的刹车与加速技艺为特色,并专门建造一个斜坡来展示各种汽车的爬山实力。
    Besides the latest hot models, the show featured astounding feats of braking and acceleration, and a special ramp was built to demonstrate the hill-climbing prowess of the different cars.
  • 这是一个有效的“制动设备”——它可以向你强烈的痛苦情绪发出终止的指令。
    This is an effective “braking” mechanism – it puts the kybosh on your strong emotional pain in smart order.