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n. 小船;轮船
vi. 划船
boat - 艇,小船,船
patrol boat - 巡逻艇,巡逻船,巡逻艇巡逻艇
Boat People - 投奔怒海,投奔怒海,船民
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划船, 荡桨; 乘船游玩
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  • 他们将坐轮船去。
    They will travel by boat.
  • 他们的小船顺水漂流而下。
    Their boat drifted down the river.
  • 我们的船朝岸边驶去。
    Our boat was headed for shore.
  • 水手们用力将船拖到岸边。
    The sailors tugged the boat to shore.
  • 他们把香蕉装载在船上。
    They freighted the boat with bananas.
  • 船工们从正在下沉的船里往外戽水。
    The boaters bailed water out from their sinking boat.
  • 他们拼命舀水,以阻止该船下沉。
    They bailed out desperately, to stop the boat sinking.
  • 小船在塞纳河中逆流而上。
    The boat is sailing up the Seine.
  • 海员们设法把水从那条正在下沉的船里戽出来。
    The sailor tried to bail the water out of the sinking boat.
  • 你能用你的篙子把另一条船撑开吗?
    Can you fend off the other boat with your pole?
  • 我们的船在巨浪过后又逐渐恢复平稳了。
    Our boat righted again after the big wave had passed.
  • 波浪把我的小船冲离了海岸。
    Waves hit my boat off the shore.
  • 瀑布奔腾的水流泻落在我们的船上。
    The water of waterfall was overshooting our boat.
  • 他们把船翻过来以便进行修理。
    They canted the boat to repair it.
  • 开学后, 比尔只得把他的船放置起来。
    Bill had to lay up his boat when school started.
  • 他们的船撞上了水下沙洲搁了浅。
    Their boat went aground on a sand bank.
  • 我们花了几千美元装备我们的船只。
    We spent several thousand dollars to equip our boat.
  • 当船倾覆时有多少人淹死了?
    How many drowned when the boat capsized?
  • 为了防止生锈,你得把你的船涂上一些油漆。
    To avoid rusting, you should slap some pain on your boat.
  • 漩涡把小船吸进去了。
    The whirlpool sucked down the boat.
  • 卫兵命令把难民船驱逐任其在海上漂流。
    The boat of refugees was turned adrift by order of the guard.
  • 从舷侧吹过来的风使船斜行到河岸。
    Broadside winds crabbed the boat close to the riverbank.
  • 我们的小船慢慢随潮顺流而下。
    Our boat gently dropped down with the tide.
  • 她看到他们的船在扬帆徐进。
    She saw their boat fanning along.
  • 一个大浪把小船卷走了。
    A huge wave swept the boat away.
  • 我们用力拖小船,把它拖到了沙滩上。
    We hauled on the boat up the beach.
  • 就在刚要跌下船的一瞬间,他被他的父亲一下子拉住了。
    He was about to fall from the boat when he was snatched by his father.
  • 水突然侵入了我们的船只。
    The water irrupted into our boat.
  • 他们的船已装备就绪。
    Their boat has finished rigging.