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adj. 变白的;漂白了的
vt. 使脱色;将…漂白;将…晒得褪色(bleach的过去分词)
vi. 脱色(bleach的过去分词);变白
bleached - 乏力,漂白,使脱色
bleached pearl - 漂白珍珠,使变白真珠
bleached pulp - 漂白浆粕,漂白浆,半漂浆
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漂白; 变白; 脱色, 变淡
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  • 这个项目是个强有力的提醒,数码照片永远不能彻底复制你把陈旧的、晒到褪色的、有皱纹的老全家福捧在手里的感觉。
    The project is a powerful reminder that digital photos can’t ever quite duplicate how it feels to hold a timeworn, sun-bleached, wrinkled old family photo in your hand.
  • 但众人相信杰克逊是为了让自己看起来更像个白人而将皮肤漂白。
    Some, however, believed he simply bleached his skin in order to appear more Caucasian.
  • 他们在伦敦唯一的样车陈列室,仍然保持着50年前开张时的老样子 - 木制的办公室,褪色的国旗还有1960年代的老家具。
    Its sole London showroom still has the same wood-paneled offices, sun-bleached British flags and 1960s furniture as when it opened 50 years ago.
  • 取而代之的,自然已被图腾化为真实性的基础。 这种真实性下,技术和富裕的存在,已经被剥离。
    In its place, Nature was totemized as the basis of the authenticity that technology and affluence had bleached out of existence.
  • 而后煮沸、漂白、晾干这些骨殖,并抽去骨髓——她形容这是“最触动感情的工序”,最后再将骨头封上一层聚氨酯外壳。
    Then she boiled, bleached, and dried the bones, drilling out the marrow to remove, as she described it, "the gushy parts. " A coat of urethane sealed them shut.
  • 我们听说水温过热致使这一地区的珊瑚出现严重的白化迹象。
    We'd heard that the hot spot had severely bleached the region's corals.
  • 当水分完全脱干后,纤维形成了严缝密合的纸草样的“面料”,可以被漂白或者染上各种颜色——用水果或蔬菜叶。
    When all moisture has evaporated, the fibers develop a tight-knit, papyrus-like surface that can be bleached or stained with fruit and vegetable dyes such as turmeric, indigo, and beetroot.
  • 烫染完美的金发要付出一定的努力,不论在你设计后有多少卡丽·安德伍德光彩照人的相片,总是有50%你的头发看起来像是黄铜色、变淡、亮黄,或者仅仅是假的素色。
    No matter how many photos of Carrie Underwood you flash before your stylist, there's always a 50/50 chance your hair will come out looking brassy, bleached, bright yellow, or just plain fake.
  • 她时常像一位站在船首的船长一样,从她位于第六大道和第十二街之上的工作室窗口俯瞰曼哈顿下城。
    From her studio in its bleached-brick high-rise at Sixth Avenue and Twelfth Street, she surveyed lower Manhattan like a captain at the prow of her ship.
  • 白面包移除了任何黄色后变白,损害了含糖丰富的小麦许多维生素。
    White bread is bleached to remove any yellow colour which destroys many of the vitamins contained in the wheat plus it is full of sugar.
  • 所有的照片光线都是模糊的,甚至像是漂白过——传统水彩画技法与工业污染相结合的见证。
    In all the pictures, the air and light are fuzzy, even bleached – a reminder of both traditional watercolour techniques and the taint of industrial pollution.
  • 当我走进国会办公室时,她正在气头上,棕褐色的头发和亮紫色的套裙都掩饰不了她的情绪。
    When I went to see her at her parliamentary office, neither her tan, sun-bleached hair nor her bright violet dress could hide her irritation.
  • 头发是死的,一旦其毛囊主轴受到挤压,其生物物质由于心理创伤或恐惧不能着色或漂白。
    Hair is dead, and once the main shaft of the hair follicle is extruded, expired biomass can't be tinted or bleached by psychological trauma or fear.
  • 他表示这是由色素沉积紊乱造成,但坊间流言称他对皮肤进行了漂白。
    He claimed it was caused by the pigmentation disorder vitiligo, but rumours suggested he had bleached his skin.
  • 玛丽的脸色是棕色的,且太阳已晒白了她的发梢。
    Mary's face was brown and the sun had bleached the ends of her hair.