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adj. 两党连立的;代表两党的
bipartisan - 代表两党的,两党连立的,两党的
bipartisan committee - 两党委员会
bipartisan diplomacy - 两党一致的外交政策,两党一致的对外政策
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  • 他认为这项工作应该递交一个两党任务小组来完成。
    He argues the job should be handed over to a bipartisan task force.
  • 她说,过去的参议院只有在面临巨大的公众压力,或者两党的多数人受够了参议院缓慢步伐的时候,才会戏剧性地对他们的规则做出大的调整。
    In the past, she says, the Senate has overhauled its rules dramatically only when under immense popular pressure, or when a big bipartisan majority gets fed up with the chamber's slow pace.
  • 国会立法机构两党多数人士投了赞成票,即将离任的州长阿诺·施瓦辛格,认为这部法律是他的主要政绩之一。
    Bipartisan majorities in the state legislature voted for it, and the outgoing governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, considers the law one of his main achievements.
  • 两党的政客们立即绞尽脑汁,从两党峰会中为本党谋取利益。
    Politicians from both parties immediately sought ways to gain partisan advantage from the bipartisan event.
  • 与此同时,六位杰出的参议员组成的两党连立团体已经对有可能最后交付表决的食品安全法案提出一份“管理者部分的修正案”。
    Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of six prominent senators has released a “manager’s amendment” to a food safety bill that could finally bring the measure to a vote.
  • 但事实是,没有两党的支持,就像几年前那样,我们无法解决这个问题。
    But the fact is, without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem.
  • 事实是,没有两党的支持,我们不能解决该问题。
    The fact is without bipartisan support we cannot solve this problem.
  • 这项披露是在回答“怎么会有超过30家互联网公司可能已经收集了目标用户数据?” 的两党质询时做出的。
    The revelations came in response to a bipartisan inquiry of how more than 30 Internet companies might have gathered data to target customers.
  • 这是为什么,我认为我们需要一个建立在价值观基础之上,两党连立的外交政策,我们依此和全世界打交道。
    Which is why I think we need a bipartisan foreign policy based on our values that reaches out to the rest of the world.