big Events

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Big Events - 大事件,盛大的活动,大事记
For Big Events - 对于大活动
Big events issued - 发行大事件
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  • 现在的平均房间大概是222美元一晚,但是在奥运期间可能会翻倍。
    The average room rate is $222, expected to double during big events.
  • 对于中国的年青一代来说,一次有一次的大活动也许能够帮助他们在现实生活中找到、发展并用尽他们的才能去努力。
    So for the young generation in China, big events one after another may help them find, develop and make the best of their good qualities in real life.
  • 要知道,当你参加重大活动时,数据服务有时也会出现问题。
    Also, when you go to big events, data coverage doesn't always work well.
  • 麦肯纳说:“我努力不要去过多地担忧,因为我们以前已经有过这样的经历,人们预测大的风暴或者其它类似这种大的事件要来,但是之后这些风暴什么的根本就没有发生。
    Well, I tried not to worry about it too much because we have had these situations before when they predict big storms or big events of some sort and then they come to nothing.
  • 月食是星图里非常重要的大事件,而这一次将下降到非常接近木星的位置,因此,涉及我们讨论至今的各方面的消息都应该还不错。
    Eclipses are very dramatic, big events in a chart, and this one will fall very close to Jupiter, so the news should be excellent concerning all the things we've been talking about so far.
  • “海啸属于小概率偶发事件,”海啸警报中心地震学家Paul Huang说,“而校定大型事件又很难。
    “Tsunamis are rare events, ” said Paul Huang, a seismologist with the tsunami warning center. “And calibrating the big events is hard.
  • 后来我们把频道卖了,然后开始做多媒体整合,综合了电视、网站、活动策划等媒体。
    So we sold the channel. We started to build multi-media integration into different aspects of the media. Television, website, and then big events, so on so forth.
  • 这个行业的运转老是断断续续,在假期或重大节日之前总是会关闭很多煤矿。
    It had always been a fickle business, with mines routinely forced to close in the build-up to public holidays or big events such as last year’s Beijing Olympics.
  • 对电视媒体而言,充分利用其多变、高保真的媒体优势进行重大科技事件的电视直播报道十分重要。
    For the media industry, it is essential to cover those big events by making full use of their diverse and hi-fidelity broadcasting techniques.
  • 白金汉宫一位发言人说:“在这些重大场合,此类问题经常会被提出来。
    "These are the questions that are asked around these big events, " said a Buckingham palace spokeswoman.
  • 多年来,位于曼哈顿的一个主要十字路口历经许多改变,同时也是许多重要事件发生的地方。
    One major intersection in Manhattan has been the site of many changes and big events over the years.
  • 公司团队活动及公司重大活动的组织协调。
    Associate on the organization of team activities and company big events.
  • 峰会前夕是为期一周的示威和其他大事件的非常危险的时间点.这其中包括两场英格兰国际足球比赛 它也需要维护公共秩序的警力.
    The summit eve is the most dangerous flashpoint in a week of demonstrations and other big events, including two England football internationals, that require public order policing.
  • 运动员的压力都非常之大,尤其是像奥林匹克那种大赛事的运动员更是如此。
    Athletes must perform well under extreme pressure especially in big events such as Olympic Games.
  • 但是,当新十郎对案件越发思考之时,他便发现某些地方的不对劲,并随着他的深入了解,他和因果更渐渐与某件大事件扯上关系。
    But, when new ten to think more cases lang, he found in some parts of the wrong, and with his deep understanding, he and cause and effect more gradually and something big events involved in.
  • 我们知道泰国在举办亚运会方面经验丰富。您能就举办这样重大的体育赛事分享一下经验吗?
    Since Thailand is experienced in hosting Asian Games as we know. So could you share some experiences on hosting such big events?
  • 还有没有另外的大型晚会你经常参加的?
    Any other big events that you attend often?
  • 这本日记的大部分是费城重大事件的记录,它还包括了一份对1812年战争中英国士兵焚烧华盛顿特区的记载。
    Most of the diary is a record of big events in Philadelphia. It also includes a description of British soldiers burning Washington D. C. in the war of 1812.
  • 在大型活动之时用几场人工降雨来保证一两天的蓝天并不能反映中国气象产业的真实发展情况。
    A few artificial rains to guarantee a blue sky for a couple of days during big events do not reflect real development in China's meteorology industry.
  • 办公室聚会办公室的另一种传统是聚会,庆祝重大事件——分娩送礼会、结婚送礼会、退休欢送会,普遍性的生日晚会等等。
    Office Parties Another office tradition is giving parties to celebrate big events baby showers, wedding showers, retirement parties, and the ubiquitous birthday parties.
  • 刘没有因为这次事故责备任何人,谈到这个大事故,“意外随时会发生。”
    Liu does not blame anyone for the accident, saying that in big events, "accidents happen."
  • 其间耳闻目睹的所谓国家大事,算起来也很不少;
    During these six years I have witnessed and heard about quite a number of big events known as "affairs of state".
  • 然而,只有坠机或者恐怖攻击这类重大新闻事件才会造成我们莫大的担忧。
    Still, it is big events like plane crashes or terrorist attacks that grab headlines and become the focus of our anxieties.
  • 最大事件带来了痛苦,贫穷的中国人,但他们从不放弃。
    Most big events brought pains poverty to Chinese people but they never gave in .
  • 海啸预警中心的地震学家Paul Huang说,“而测定这些大事件是很难的,因为你没有数据。”
    And calibrating the big events is hard. You have no data.