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vi. 急忙来回;突出
vt. 用槌打
n. 甲虫;大槌
n. (Beetle)人名;(英)比特尔
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  • 他不会让任何其他人挨饿,也不会用锁链抽打他们,不会踩死他们的甲壳虫。
    He won't be starving anyone else or beating them with their chains or stepping on their beetle.
  • 他研究了纳米布甲虫,这是一种机灵的物种,生活在世界上最干燥的地方之一。
    He studied the Namib beetle, an ingenious species that lives in one of the driest places on earth.
  • 他能看到树皮下的甲虫,并把它毫发无伤地捉下来,放在放大镜下让我们看。
    He could see the beetle under the bark, and draw it forth unharmed for us to squint at through the magnifying glass.
  • 我当年刚满21岁,刚被允许可以在学校里拥有一辆车,我就立刻花了600美元,买了一辆1961年版的黑色甲壳虫。
    Right after I turned 21 and was allowed a car on campus, I paid $600 for a black 1961 Beetle . (What an investment that could have been!
  • 水果甲虫甚至除了电极和操控它们的无线电天线外,也承载不了多少东西。
    Even the fruit beetle isn’t strong enough to carry much besides the electrodes and radio antennas that steer it.
  • 当甲虫的背壳变干之后,光线就不再均匀地反射出来,破坏了闪亮的金黄色镜似效果。
    When the beetle dries out its exoskeleton, the light no longer bounces off evenly, foiling the shiny, golden, mirrorlike effect.
  • 它的生活地每年只有半英尺的降雨量,这种甲虫可以通过使用它背部具吸水性的皮肤在早晨收集的水露存活下来。
    With half an inch of rain per year, the beetle can only survive by consuming the dew it collects on the hydrophilic skin of its back in the early mornings.
  • 但是,当甲虫背脊骨包容的遗传特性显示出一些意想不到的结果时,这些研究人员决定仔细查明蚯蚓的DNA。
    But when genetic characterization of the contents of beetle guts gave some unexpected results, the researchers decided to take a closer look at earthworm DNA.
  • 李奇曼:但是这个故事讲的是,这些乌鸦如何使用树枝钓出了这些肥美多汁的,长角甲虫的幼虫。
    LICHTMAN: But the story is how these crows use sticks to pull out these juicy, long-horned beetle larvae.
  • 就像恐怖电影中的那些同住的人一样,在白天,这些甲虫在荫蔽处和它们预定的受害者一起生活。
    Like a roommate from a horror movie, the beetle sometimes hangs out with its intended victims during the day in burrows or other shelters.
  • 部分金龟科甲虫由于栖息地的丢失和甲虫收集者的捕捉而受到威胁。但是总体来说,金龟科种群还是稳定的。
    Some species of scarab are threatened by habitat loss and collection by beetle hunters, but as a whole, the scarab population is stable.
  • 最近伯克利的团队制造了一个远程控制的无花果甲虫,这种昆虫能起飞能着陆,而且能够分辨左右。
    Recently the Berkeley team created a remote-control fig beetle that they can launch and land and direct to the left and right.
  • 明天,我将去找一只新的甲壳虫。
    Tomorrow I shall look for a new beetle.
  • 但是随着全球变暖向高海拔地区蔓延,一个不受欢迎的居民进入了这个脆弱的生态环境:山地松树甲虫。
    But as global warming snakes its way into higher altitudes, a less-welcome resident in taking up space in this fragile ecosystem: the mountain pine beetle.
  • 研究员们把一种计算机芯片安装到巨甲虫的脑部,之所以选这种巨甲虫是因为它个头大,而且能够负重飞行。
    A computer chip was attached to the brain of a giant beetle, so chosen for its bulk and ability to fly with a heavy load.
  • 我的车---一辆大众生产的甲壳虫已经用了12年了,它将会是我拥有的最后一辆车。
    My car, a VW beetle is 12 years old. It will be the last car I ever own.