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n. 寝具;(建筑)[建] 基床;(家畜)草垫
adj. 适于花坛种植的
vt. 把…栽入苗床(bed的ing形式)
vi. 睡(bed的ing形式)
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  • 要移走堆肥,你可以把垫料都推到堆肥箱的一侧,把新的垫料和食物放到另一侧。
    To remove the compost, you can push it all to one side of the bin. Place new bedding and food on the other side.
  • 寝具散在地板上,脏兮兮的茶具塞在角落里。
    Bedding was strewn on the floor and dirty teacups stacked in a corner.
  • 室内过敏原(例如,床上用品、地毯和毛绒家具、污染和宠物皮屑中的家庭尘螨);
    indoor allergens (for example house dust mites in bedding, carpets and stuffed furniture, pollution and pet dander);
  • 该帐篷由猛犸毛皮制成,很可能也用猛犸皮毛铺设了地面,而在当时,软兽皮如狐狸皮、狼皮、熊皮等则常常用于铺设床铺。
    The tent was made of mammoth hides and was probably carpeted with mammoth hides, although fur hides, like fox, wolf, and bearskins, were often used for bedding.
  • 研究人员将它们放入洁净的笼中,这可是真正的一尘不染——它们的寝具、食物、饮水全都是经过消毒无菌的。
    Then the researchers started keeping the animals in clean cages. Really clean cages, in which the bedding, food, and water are sterilized.
  • 这时你就可以把堆肥取走,再用新的垫料补充空位。
    Now you can remove the compost and fill the empty space with new bedding.
  • 先从必需品开始收拾:合适的被褥,一条毛巾,化妆品。
    Start with the basics: bedding of the proper size, a towel, toiletries.
  • 这一iPod Touch主题寝具品种齐全,有羽绒被褥,有枕头,其设计真是既别致又很酷。
    These iPod Touch themed bedding come complete with duvet and pillow cases which have a really unique and cool design.
  • 在周围能看出美军袭击之前零散的生命迹象:电脑桌,床铺,瓶瓶罐罐和一把塑料枪。
    Around are scattered hints of life before the Americans struck: computer cables, bedding, a tin mug and a plastic gun.
  • 新地毯、床罩甚至新衣服散发出来的那股“新味道”无疑是化学物质的一种迹象。
    New rugs, bedding, and even clothing give off that "new smell," which is a sure sign of chemicals.
  • 要是你给它们换了笼子或者垫草,它们还能继续工作吗?
    If you change their cage or their bedding, does it still work?
  • 同时,那些对睡眠焦虑的人应该注意一下他们的床,窗帘的厚度,保持卧室的凉爽并且避免睡觉前的运动。
    In the meantime, those anxious to get some shut-eye should invest in good bedding, thick curtains, keep their bedroom cool and avoid exercise before turning in.
  • 室内过敏源(例如床上用品、地毯和毛绒家具、污染和宠物皮屑中的家庭尘螨)
    indoor allergens (for example, house dust mites in bedding, carpets and stuffed furniture, pollution and pet dander)
  • 该社区还给客人提供床上用品和其他一次性日用品。
    The community also provides bedding and other disposable daily necessities for guests.
  • 他们正在把番茄秧移栽到地里。
    They are bedding out the tomatoes.
  • 保证自身穿着材料安全,超过一天三分之一的睡眠时间内穿着天然材料制成的睡衣,并且使用有机棉制造的床上用品。
    Make certain your body is wrapped in safe, natural material for at least a third of the day by purchasing pajamas and bedding made from organic cotton.
  • 这不仅应用在颜料和毛毯料的选择上,也可以是玩具、床上用品和家具的选择上。
    This not only applies to paints and carpeting choices, but also toys, bedding, and furniture.
  • 除了配备婴儿室,还要准备衣服,尿布,寝具,玩具以及食品,为此成千上万的家长真是挥金如土。
    Millions of parents are left with a substantial hole in their pocket after kitting out a nursery, coupled with the added cost of clothes, nappies, bedding, toys and food.
  • 如果你是一位忠实的苹果迷,那么这款寝具设计应该是你梦寐以求的。
    If you are a true Apple fanboy/girl here is a piece of bedding design that should be ideal for you.
  • 她为他更换寝具,帮他清理伤口,以及照管他的药物治疗。
    She changed his bedding, helped clean his wounds, and managed his medication.
  • 墙是白的,卧具也是白的,我有一个朝东的大窗户以便太阳升起时我就能得到阳光,地毯铺得很精致。
    The walls are white, the bedding is white, I have huge windows facing east to get the sun at sunrise, and the floor is nicely carpeted.