bathing suit

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Bathing-suit - 泳衣
bathing dressbathing suit - 游泳衣
bathing g suit - 游泳衣,泳装
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  • 今天我穿了过生日男朋友送给我的新游泳衣去参加在游泳池举行的家庭你聚会。
    Today, I wore the new bathing suit my boyfriend got me for my birthday to a family reunion pool party.
  • 今年我跑出去,每有一个儿童泳衣。
    This year I ran out and got one bathing suit per child.
  • 这幅画强调的是「泳衣焦虑」的自我意识。
    This painting highlights the self-consciousness of 'bathing suit anxiety'.
  • 第一天她穿了件泳衣,但到了第二天,她想反正也没人看得见,便迅速脱下泳衣让全身都可以晒得黑黑的。
    She wore a bathing suit the first day, but on the second, she decided that no one could see her way up there, and she slipped out of it for an overall tan .
  • 他把游泳衣上的海水漂洗掉。
    He rinsed out the sea water from his bathing suit.
  • 扔掉你在高中穿的泳衣…还有记忆。
    Throw away the bathing suit you wore in high school… and the memory too.
  • 我早上7:30起床,然后装好我的游泳衣并且穿上我的衣服。
    I woke up at 7:30 and put my bathing suit on and then my clothes.
  • 推拿服务在三楼,请先到里面换上拖鞋和浴服,服务员会引领您到三楼。
    The massage service is on the third floor. Please go inside and change your slippers and bathing suit, then the attendant will show you up there.
  • 她穿了连身泳衣在里面。
    She wore bathing suit inside.
  • 曾有一次,她给我寄去了一张身着泳装的照片,使得我对她的爱痴狂得简直想入非非了。
    Once she sent me a snapshot of herself in a bathing suit, which drove me to the wildest of fantasies.
  • 你也许想照张你穿着泳衣的照片,保存在你的减肥日志中。
    You may want to take a picture of yourself wearing a bathing suit and keep it in your weight loss journal.
  • 当然,大家应该带来一件泳衣和一条毛巾。
    Of course, one should also bring a bathing suit and a towel.
  • 多少次,本可以在沙滩上度过无比精彩的时光,你却为自己穿着泳衣的样子而紧张不安。
    How many times has a potentially wonderful day at the beath been spoiled by your judgments about you look in a bathing suit?
  • 素描上的一个了由专业插画家示范这对时尚泳衣免费视频图图。
    Sketch a bathing suit on a figure with a demonstration from a professional illustrator in this free video on fashion drawing.
  • 也许让你在游几次泳之后就回收泳衣的做法不那么实际,但必须承认这确实是一个开创性的好点子。
    Having to recycle your bathing suit after a few swims doesn't really sound very practical, but you have to admit that this idea may be the start of something groundbreaking.
  • 你想要看到泳裤露出水面。
    You want to see the bathing suit come out of the water.
  • 其中一个爸爸私下里要赛斯想象一下晒得黝黑、光着脚的帕蒂,穿着黑色一件式泳衣,牛仔裤,没有系腰带,这个样子很对赛斯的胃口。
    One father privately invited Seth Paulsen to imagine her suntanned and barefoot, in a black one-piece bathing suit and beltless jeans, a look very much to Seth’s taste.
  • 同时上桌的还有几个和这个差不多的小菜,以及一些油腻腻的热狗,汉堡,薯条,和冰激凌,于是本来属于泳衣夏天就这样不知不觉的成了该裹上长袍的冬天。
    A few side dishes like this, combined with some fatty hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, and ice cream, and bathing-suit season can become caftan season before you know it.
  • 女士穿的一种非常简短、由上下两件组成的泳衣。
    A very brief, close-fitting bathing suit worn by men.
  • 一个穿着白色游泳衣的老头子沿着柳条街追赶一群狗……”然后他的目光落到了我的衣服上,他的脸上显出一种掺杂着恐惧的困惑表情。
    Some old man in a white bathing suit was chasing a pack of dogs down Willow …… "Then his eyes fell on my clothes. A puzzled look mixed with fear came over his face.