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n. 障碍物,屏障;界线
vt. 把…关入栅栏
n. (Barrier)人名;(法)巴里耶
barrier - 障碍,栅栏,同步屏障
tariff barrier - 关税壁垒,关税,关税普遍优惠制
Barrier Bay - 冰障湾
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障碍物 / 障碍
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障碍, 栅栏
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  • 克尔往出口方向逃窜,博伊科特在验票口逮住了他。
    As Kerr fled towards the exit, Boycott collared him at the ticket barrier.
  • 女性无论如何努力去改善自己的处境,总会受到一些障碍或看法的压制。
    No matter what a woman tries to do to improve her situation, there is some barrier or attitude to keep her down.
  • 示威者们冲破了警察的重重设防。
    The demonstrators broke through heavy police barriers
  • 我来到检票口时,北京来的火车正在徐徐进站。
    As I reached the ticket barrier, the Beijing train was just drawing in.
  • 关税和税收是自由贸易的最大壁垒。
    Duties and taxes are the most obvious barrier to free trade.
  • 我们本来就窘迫的境况由于语言障碍变得更加困难了。
    Our difficulties were compounded by the language barrier.
  • 大群的人挤过了障碍物。
    A large crowd crushed past the barrier.
  • 爱没有理由不能跨越年龄的阻碍。
    There is no reason why love shouldn't cross the age barrier
  • 我意识到我不得不克服语言障碍。
    I realized I had to surmount the language barrier.
  • 在百慕大,萨姆的父亲带他到附近的珊瑚礁去游玩。
    In Bermuda, Sam's father took him on an excursion to a coral barrier.
  • 经理想出了解决资金困难的办法。
    The manager has found a way to break through such a barrier of financial difficulties.
  • 她一直在等待西蒙打破他们之间的隔阂。
    She had been waiting for Simon to break down the barrier between them
  • 此山向有天险之称。
    This mountain has always been considered a natural barrier.
  • 一架飞机强行通过音障。
    A plane muscles its way through the sound barrier.
  • 他是那群人里最后一批跨越障碍的。
    He was one of the last of the crowd to pass through the barrier
  • 当你参与到体育运动中的时候,很多种族隔阂就消失了。
    When you get involved in sports and athletes, a lot of the racial barriers are broken down.
  • 我们想推销各种肤色的人都喜欢的化妆品。
    We want to promote cosmetics that appeal across the colour barrier.
  • 我好像想不出解决这个困难的办法。
    It seemed that I could not find a way to break through such a barrier of difficulties.
  • 障碍物消减了主要的撞击力。
    The barrier absorbed the main impact on the crash.
  • 请在检票处出示票以备查验。
    Show your ticket at the barrier.
  • 包装必须提供有效的保护,以免产品受污染。
    The packaging must provide an effective barrier to prevent contamination of the product.
  • 英格兰的世界杯英雄决定带伤上阵。
    England's World Cup hero is determined to play through the pain barrier.
  • 那匹马跳跃过木头障碍物。
    The horse jumped over the wooden barrier.
  • 他们担心失业人数很快将突破300万大关。
    They are fearful that unemployment will soon break the barrier of three million
  • 西班牙队先是猛烈进攻,使英格兰队疲于奔命,但守门员伊恩·沃克防守甚严。
    Spain ran England ragged early on but goalkeeper Ian Walker proved a formidable barrier.
  • 我摆脱了贫困,这要归功于教育。
    I broke through the poverty barrier and it was education that did it.
  • 她撞上了最后一个跨栏,整个人趴在了跑道上。
    She hit the last barrier and sprawled across the track.
  • 每一位女士来到关卡前,其中一个男士便会扫一眼她的证件。
    As each woman reached the barrier one of the men glanced at her papers.
  • 火车撞上了月台尽头的栅栏。
    A train plowed into the barrier at the end of the platform