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adv. 非常,很;严重地,厉害地;恶劣地
Badly - 翻江倒海,坏,恶劣地
Badly battered - 焦头烂额,鼻青脸肿
Badly beaten - 头破血流
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  • 但是你和我所有的邻居,都一致地说我总是不会选择。
    But you and all my neighbours agree that I always choose badly.
  • 各行各业几乎都是在做回头客生意,如果一家公司给你的体验很糟糕,那么你是不会再从那里买东西的,而且你会告诉朋友们也不要光顾。
    Almost everything is a repeat business, and if you are treated badly by someone, you don't purchase from them again –and you tell your friends not to go there too.
  • 我相信这取决于残暴使用的是高明还是拙劣*。
    I believe that this depends on whether cruelty be badly or well used.
  • 在他停止长跑的那几年里,他的关节病变很厉害。
    In the years since he stopped running, his joint had deteriorated badly.
  • 在他深深的伤害了我之后?
    After how badly he hurt me?
  • 事实上,你如此急迫的想要结识她们会让你抓耳挠腮,思考如何去与她们交谈,而不至于把事情搞糟。
    In fact, you want to meet them so badly that you are scratching your head over how to talk to them without messing up.
  • 部分原因是我听到她接下来想要做的事,然后另外一部分是因为我在批准她想做的事,就好像她是如此渴望这些而恰恰还要经过我许可的坏坏感觉。
    Part of it was hearing what she was going to do to me next, and part of it was the idea that I was actually granting her favors, like she wanted it so badly but needed my okay.
  • 它们应该把精力集中在不要摧毁意义上——通过恶劣地对待员工,许多公司轻而易举地做到了这一点。
    Instead they should concentrate on not destroying it – which many of them manage to do effortlessly enough through treating their employees badly.
  • 自你走后我们非常想念你。
    We have missed you badly since you were gone.
  • 你为什么这么急着要这点儿钱?
    Why do you need this money so badly?
  • 昨天夜里我睡得很不好。
    I slept very badly last night.
  • 她把他的手腕砍伤得很厉害,鲜血喷射出来。
    She cut his wrist so badly that blood jetted out.
  • 这样还允许模型构建者为这个元素查看搜集的所有矩阵,从而确定它仅仅是一个有问题的矩阵或者这个元素是否在几个方面得分都很不理想。
    This allows a modeler to see all of the gathered metrics for that element and decide whether it is just one metric that is problematic or whether that element is scoring badly in several ways.
  • 你为什么这么急着要这个钱?
    Why do you need this money so badly?
  • 他们的穿着都不错[不好]。
    They all dressed well [badly].
  • 如果你经常吃它,你的健康状况将受到很大影响。
    If you always have it, your health will be badly affected.
  • M:我想也是,我失业很久了,现在很需要这份工作。
    M: I guess so. I am badly off and I need this job.
  • 我们都是非常的需要爱。
    We all need love so badly.
  • 当我们觉得人家认为自己很糟糕的时候,我们会觉得很不好受,所以我们总是尽量去避免。
    When we feel that others think badly of us, it makes us feel bad and so we try to avoid this.
  • 而你不可能故意玩的差,就像你不可能故意玩的好一样。
    You can no more deliberately play badly than you can deliberately play well.
  • 如果真是有人来偷走它们的话,那可能说明他们比我们更加需要这些东西。
    And if they need it so badly that they have to steal it, they probably need it more than we do.
  • 这匹马绊得很厉害,但恢复过来后以一头的优势获胜。
    The horse pecked badly,but recovered and won by a head.
  • 孩子们表现极差,所以放学后老师把他们留下来。
    The children behaved badly and so the teacher kept them after school.
  • 约翰的手被割伤了,很严重,不过在手术室他们帮他缝好了。
    John cut his hand badly, but they patched him up in the emergency room.
  • 所以我在上次演讲快结束时说了个拙劣的笑话,我会同意我们可以到此为止,直接进行期末考试,因为这些是你们需要知道的所有内容。
    And so I joked, badly, I'll agree, at the end of last lecture, that we can just stop now, go straight to the final exam, because this is all you need to know.
  • 但是你和我所有的邻居,都一致地说我总是不会选择。
    But you and all my neighbors agree that I always choose badly.