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n. [微] 细菌
bacteria - 细菌,细菌,细菌域
pathogenic bacteria - 病原菌,致病菌,病源细菌
anaerobic bacteria - 厌氧菌,厌氧细菌,厌氧性细菌
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  • 这有可能是因为此类细菌不存在于气喘患者体内。
    It may be that asthmatics do not host the bacteria for other reasons.
  • 那些真菌和细菌和人类都是高度演化的。
    Those fungi and bacteria are as highly evolved as humans.
  • 同时,我们还发现了信号选择性的差异,这能够使我们针对一些特定的细菌而不影响到其他。
    At the same time, we also have found differences in signal selectivity that may allow us to target some bacteria while ignoring others.
  • 这样可能增加抗药细菌的传播。
    This can increase the spread of resistant bacteria.
  • 我们人类的细胞水平与蘑菇、玉兰类的植物和金盏花有更多的共同性,远远多于与细菌的相似之处。
    At the level of our cells, humans have far more in common with mushrooms, magnolias and marigolds than we do with bacteria.
  • 就跟细菌和细胞一样。
    So do bacteria and cells.
  • 但是请记住,我们的大部分抗生素来自那些生于污物的组织,比如霉菌甚至其他的细菌。
    But remember, most of our antibiotics come from organisms that live in the dirt, like molds and even other bacteria.
  • 一些马桶的冲水把手上也有和在地面上发现的相类似的细菌。
    Some toilet flush handles also had bacteria comparable to what was found on the floor.
  • 有可能在实验室繁殖细菌吗?
    Is it possible to multiply bacteria in the laboratory?
  • 但是她正确地指出细菌无处不在:在我们身上,在我们体内以及在我们周围。
    But she correctly points out that bacteria are everywhere: on us, in us and all around us.
  • 即使这样,细菌仍然留在了人体内。
    Even so, the bacteria remain in the body.
  • 新鲜的肉、鸡和鱼总是运载着部分细菌,因此这些食品要一直保持冷藏。
    Fresh meat, chicken, and fish always carry some bacteria so these foods must always be kept cold.
  • 当你吃掉了盘子里的食物时,这些细菌就会进入你的肚子。
    When you eat off the plate, all of those bacteria go into your stomach.
  • 实际上,这些细菌有的对你是很有好处的。
    Some of these bacteria are actually good for you.
  • 在且仅在这些基因被激活的情况下,细菌才会制造相应的蛋白,并将其点亮。
    When, and only when, these genes are turned on do the bacteria make these proteins and light up.
  • 这些细菌像植物一样利用阳光来制造食物。
    These bacteria make food from the sun like plants do.
  • 在显微镜下,细菌,甚至包括那些没有鞭毛的细菌,经常在水中跳来跳去。
    Bacteria under the microscope, even those with no flagella, often bounce about in the water.
  • 我们用它们抗击对我们有害的细菌。
    We use them to fight off the bad bacteria.
  • 细菌在酒精里不会繁殖。
    Bacteria will not breed in alcohol.
  • 现在,在你的嘴里,你的肠道里,你的皮肤里,你正携带着约比人体细胞还多10倍的肠道细菌细胞。
    Right now, in your mouth, in your gut, on your skin, you are carrying about 10 times more bacteria cells than human cells.
  • 在用细菌除去盐层之后,专家们对绘画表面进行了清洁和干燥处理来保护其度过以后的年月。
    After the bacteria remove the salts, experts clean and dry the surface of the paintings to preserve them for years to come.
  • 这份报告已于本周公布,报告说用肥皂洗手几乎可以除掉所有细菌。
    The report released this week said washing hands with soap removes almost all of the bacteria.