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n. 背景;隐蔽的位置
adj. 背景的;发布背景材料的
vt. 作…的背景
background - 背景,后台,后景
Educational background - 教育背景,教育程度,学历
BackGround Music - 背景音乐,像星星一样的祈求,只有爱
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  • 你应熟悉你所有学生的家庭背景。
    You should acquaint yourself with the background of all your pupils.
  • 但我仍会给出足够多的建议让你对我的背景留下丰富而富有综合性的印象。
    But I would like to suggest enough of them to impress upon you the richness and complexity of my background.
  • 在背景里,你可以看到另外一辆挖泥机。
    In the background you may see one more dredge.
  • 他抹去了背景噪音。
    He dubbed out the background noise.
  • 把自己想象为一台需要与身体结合的发动机,通过调查那些风格和背景与你相似的人群, 你就可以找到属于自己的那一台。
    Think of yourself as an engine in need of a body. You can find one that fits by investigating people with a background and style similar to yours.
  • 我们的背景和成长的环境可能影响我们是谁,但是我们必须为我们变成谁而负责。
    Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.
  • 例如,您需要在这个阶段处理所有背景图像。
    For example, you handle all background graphics during this phase.
  • 你可以按照自己选择的不同背景来自己定做你的钟。
    You can customize the clock with any background of your choice.
  • 我不愿意想象和我一样背景的人现在做什么。
    I hate to think what kids from my background do now.
  • 这些变化导致早期宇宙的温度瞬间不同,这些我们能在宇宙的微波背景上看出来。
    These variations caused minute differences in the temperature of the early universe, which we can see in the cosmic microwave background.
  • 我们还有一些报告向你介绍背景资料。
    We have some reports to show you for background information.
  • 有时,那是因为在新的人群中,人们其他的基因作用下的遗传背景掩盖了基因A对抑郁的效应。
    Sometimes it is because in the new population, the genetic background for their other genes masks the effect of gene A on depression.
  • 有一次, 我们还坐在湖边拍了一些照片, 把那房子留在背景上.
    Once, we even took some photographs of ourselves sitting by the lake with the house in the background.
  • 我想我的背景符合这份工作的要求。
    I think my background meets the requirement of this position.
  • 背景与承诺。
    Background and Commitment.
  • 你了解他的背景吗?
    Do you know his background?
  • 她的背景使她无意抵抗。
    Her background disinclined her from resistance.
  • 得知他们在公司里的职位他们的工作史,他们的背景。
    Find out what they do in the organisation, their career history, their background.
  • 首先,删除背景中的旧脑袋,这样我们能更好地在新脑袋上作调整。
    First off, cut out the background head so we can work on our new one.
  • 我们不以工人们的背景或种族来源区别对待他们。
    We do not differentiate between our workers on the basis of their background or ethnic origin.
  • 设想,如果可以这样处理行为 —— 假设您可以像设置其背景颜色那样轻松地将行为分配给一个表的单元格,比如是展开还是折叠,是突出显示还是滚动。
    Imagine if you could do the same with behaviors -- if you could just as easily assign behaviors to a table cell, like expand and collapse, highlight or scroll, as you could set its background color.
  • 有一些可用的背景信息支持你的案例,包括链接和引用。
    Have some background information available to buttress your case, including links and citations.
  • 在第一个技巧中,我演示了如何选择一个图标的背景。
    In the first tip, I demonstrated how to select the background of an icon.
  • 你不完全理解这个故事,故事发生前的背景以及接下来会发生什么。
    You do not understand the story, the background, what happened before, and what happens next.