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BACK - 背面,背部,后卫
pay back - 偿还,回报,还钱给
look back - 回顾,回头看,回想
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  • 他们回信告诉我说不必那么做。
    They wrote back to me and they told me that I didn't have to do it
  • 看起来至少我们已经解决了这个国家通货膨胀中最棘手的问题。
    It seems at least that we've broken the back of inflation in this country
  • 他在房子后面养了些鸡啊什么的。
    He had chickens and things round the back
  • 她递还刀子。
    She handed the knife back
  • 她的头发扎了起来。
    Her hair was tied back
  • 尼克回头看了看,又皱着眉头停了下来。
    Nick looked back over his shoulder and then stopped, frowning
  • 你吃着她的食物,享受着她的款待,然后还在背地里指责她。
    You eat her food, enjoy her hospitality and then criticize her behind her back.
  • 他来回踱步。
    He paced back and forth
  • 斯泰茜·拉蒂索抛弃了自己在摩城唱片公司的演唱事业,成为了一名福音歌手。
    Stacey Lattisaw has turned her back on her singing career with Motown Records to become a gospel singer
  • 8年的艰难时期刚刚过去,在此期间,伦敦有3家消防站遭关闭。如获批准,裁减又会接踵而至。
    The cuts, if approved, come on the back of a difficult eight years that have seen three London fire stations closed.
  • 我回到床上。
    I went back to bed
  • 我能再回到维护治安的问题上来吗?
    Can I come back to the question of policing once again?
  • 我的表现如此差劲,相信她会很高兴看到我离开。
    I was so badly behaved I was convinced she would be glad to see the back of me.
  • 他把棒球帽反戴着。
    He wears his baseball cap back to front
  • 他一直对我唠叨个没完,有时我真希望他不要再烦我了。
    He kept on at me to such an extent that occasionally I wished he would get off my back.
  • 她躺下盯着天花板。
    She lay back and stared at the ceiling
  • 丹告诉她说他要去房子后面的露台上擦鞋。
    Dan informed her that he would be out back on the patio cleaning his shoes
  • 将答案写在明信片背面寄出。
    Send your answers on the back of a postcard.
  • 你已经在末尾完整地列出了名字和地址。
    You've given a whole list of names and addresses at the back.
  • 她儿子安静地仰面躺着。
    Her son was lying peacefully on his back
  • 今后工党在福利问题上将处于下风。
    From now on Labour will be on the back foot on the subject of welfare.
  • 铁路公司表示,其运输服务将慢慢恢复正常。
    The rail company said it expected services to get slowly back to normal
  • 他打开了后门。
    He opened the back door
  • 短裙又流行起来了。
    Short skirts are back
  • 与此同时,伦敦的皇宫影业公司也正在分崩离析。
    Meanwhile, back in London, Palace Pictures was collapsing
  • 她举起双手放于颈后。
    She raised her hands to the back of her neck