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n. 婴儿,婴孩;孩子气的人
vt. 纵容,娇纵;把……当婴儿般对待
adj. 婴儿的;幼小的
n. (Baby)人名;(法、葡)巴比;(英)巴比,芭比(女名);(俄)巴贝
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  • 她梦见了她的宝宝。
    She dreamed about her baby.
  • 我惊慌失措地给医生打电话,哭着说我的孩子没了。
    I phoned the doctor in a panic, crying that I'd lost the baby.
  • 孩子生病时我陷入了绝望的深渊之中。
    I was in the depths of despair when the baby was sick.
  • 我妻子刚生了孩子。
    My wife has just had a baby
  • 配上小个的新土豆。
    Serve with baby new potatoes.
  • 当我有了第一个孩子时,朋友们提醒我说养孩子是很花钱的。
    When I had my first baby friends warned me that children were expensive
  • 我已经开始给宝宝织衣服了。
    I have already started knitting baby clothes
  • 这孩子种痘了吗?
    Has the baby been vaccinated?
  • 我想说你怀孕了我有多高兴。
    I want to say how really delighted I am that you're having a baby
  • 该起床了,宝贝儿。
    You have to wake up now, baby
  • 她吃的食物给她和婴儿提供了营养。
    The food she eats nourishes both her and the baby.
  • 她一直唠叨着要我生个孩子。
    She's always going on at me to have a baby.
  • 恭喜,你生了个健康的男孩。
    Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy
  • 你满世界地跑,把苦差事都扔给我。
    You go off round the world, and leave me to hold the baby.
  • 我与密友们讨论是否我要马上生孩子。
    I discussed with my intimate friends whether I would immediately have a baby.
  • 她又怀上孩子了。
    She's having another baby.
  • 一旦有了宝宝,我就完全有理由呆在家里了。
    Once I had had a baby I had the perfect excuse to stay at home
  • 我去年因生小孩辞去了工作。
    I stopped working last year to have a baby
  • 我还在襁褓中时,她曾经照顾过我。
    She used to take care of me when I was a baby
  • 她刚生了一个女孩。
    She's just given birth to a baby girl
  • 他都懵了,可怜的家伙。
    He was confused, poor baby.
  • 她扶她在床上坐起来,这样她就可以抱着宝宝了。
    She helped her sit up in bed so she could hold her baby.
  • 她又怀孕了。
    She was expecting another baby
  • 我怀孕了,但是这个男人对我非常粗暴,致使我流产了。
    I became pregnant but this man was very violent towards me to the extent that I lost our baby