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n. 轴线;轴心;坐标轴(axis 的复数);斧头(axe 的复数)
axes - 轴线,坐标轴,创建轴对象的低层指令
orthogonal axes - 正交轴,正交轴线
Custom Axes - 自定义轴
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  • 他设计的第一个图形是一个带有一对对数坐标轴的气泡图,一条轴显示的是收入,另一条是健康。
    The first graph he designed was a bubble chart that had double logarithmic axes, with income on one axis and health on the other.
  • 冻结沿所有轴旋转。
    Freeze rotation along all axes.
  • 四元数就不会遭受万向节锁的痛苦,因为它不用三个分离的轴表示旋转。
    Quaternions do not suffer from gimbal lock, because they do not express rotations relative to three separate axes.
  • 两个绘图区可以使用相同的水平轴,但拥有不同的垂直轴。
    You could have two plots that use the same horizontal axis but have different vertical axes.
  • 另外需要考虑的就是需要测量的轴向数量。
    Another consideration is the number of axes to be measured.
  • 对于这个简单的测试,我们使用预置的输入轴。
    For this simple test we use the pre-setup input axes.
  • 研究发现,在进气过程的初始阶段,缸内始终存在一对旋涡,并且沿气缸轴线向下缸内流体出现逐步融合的趋势;
    The results show that there are a couple of vortexes trending blend along the axes in the cylinder at the initial phase of intake process.
  • 这是一个三轴自动飞行控制系统,它由模拟式的控制增稳系统和数字式自动驾驶仪组成。
    It is a automatic flight control system for three axes, and consists of analog control augmentation system and digital autopilot.
  • 许多类型的图表有轴。
    Many types of chart have axes.
  • 接下来,您需要绘制这个图形的其他部分— 轴线和网格线。
    Next, you need to draw the other parts of the graph—the axes and grid lines.
  • 此程序是为了改变在图像处理中坐标轴的范围。
    This procedure is for a change in image processing in the scope of axes.
  • 冻结沿所有轴移动。
    Freeze motion along all axes.
  • 每个量子元胞上的电荷分布趋于沿两垂直轴的某一轴向分布,可以以此来表达二进制信息。
    The charge distribution in each cell tends to align along one of two perpendicular axes, which allows the expression of binary information.
  • 沿两个检波器坐标轴记录的数据显示为一个时间函数。
    Data recorded along two geophone axes are displayed as a function of time.
  • 如果您阅读过我以前的文章或是关注过我的谈话,您就会知道我从人员、过程和工具三个轴来看软件开发。
    If you've read my past articles or attended my talks, you probably know that I view software development along three axes: people, process, and tools.
  • 冻结沿所有轴旋转和移动。
    Freeze rotation and motion along all axes.
  • 这样选坐标轴,可使这个特殊问题的分析简化。
    This choice of axes simplifies the analysis of the particular problem.