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n. 复仇者
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  • 我在哪里可以看电影的毒性复仇者网上免费全速?
    Where can I watch The Toxic Avenger movie online free full stream?
  • 成为复仇者给他指明一条道路,一个赎救自我的机会。
    Being an Avenger gives Clint his path and redeems him.
  • 物理命中,影响普通攻击,鲜血圣印,复仇者之盾和愤怒之锤,物理命中在封顶加成9%以下起作用…
    Hit affects auto-attack, Seal of Blood, Avenger's Shield and Hammer of Wrath. It takes a bit less than 9% hit to be hit capped.
  • 描述:天文复仇者- 寻找一个空间射击游戏,将出乎您的意料?
    Description : Astro avenger - Looking for a space shooter that will surprise you?
  • 海杜克,一前绿色贝雷帽和“荒野复仇者”,最后一次露面是从悬崖下吊火,从直升机和波西。
    Hayduke, an ex-Green Beret and "wilderness avenger, " was last seen hanging from a cliff, under fire from both a helicopter and a posse.
  • 当一群冠军级复仇者怪物靠近,任何其中一个成员死亡,将会使得其他称它成员狂暴的向英雄复仇。
    When a Champion group imbued with Avenger arrives, the death of each group member imbues the remaining Champions with added power as they wreak their frenzies vengeance on the Hero.
  • 来吧,会很有趣的。你来当我的神秘斗篷客复仇者,我来当你俏皮的小弟。
    WL: C'mon, it will be fun. You'll be my Mysterious Cloaked Avenger, and i can be your wisecracking sidekick.
  • 图为一架“复仇者”鱼雷攻击机(中)由一架“无畏”俯冲轰炸机(上)和一架“野猫”战斗机侧卫护航。
    Navy warplanes recalls the Battle of Midway. An Avenger torpedo bomber (middle) is flanked by a Dauntless dive-bomber (top) and a Wildcat fighter.
  • 他反对黑暗力量,是它们的复仇者;
    He was their avenger against the powers of darkness;
  • 看着这个激光复仇者-能打下来袭击飞机的加农炮。
    Behold the Laser Avenger, a cannon that could be used to take down incoming aircraft.
  • 赞迪卡复仇者:进场造0/1人,类别植物(植物人?),衍生物可以横置产法术力。
    Zendikar Avenger, an Elemental creature that produces 0/1 Plant creature tokens when it enters the battlefield. The tokens may be able to tap for mana.
  • 虽然在战斗行动中表现优异,但随着较经济的TIE截击机越来越流行,昂贵的TIE“复仇者”最终淡出舞台。
    Though successful in combat operations, the costly TIE avenger was eventually phased out with the increasing popularity of the more economical TIE interceptor.
  • 复仇者(51级)-只有冠军级的怪物会被附加复仇者效果。
    Avenger (Level 51) - Only Champion monsters can spawn with the Avenger trait.
  • 以前这个天赋对神圣之盾、复仇者之盾和正义之盾的伤害提升将被直接加入这三个技能。
    The old damage bonus of this talent has been folded into Holy Shield, Avenger's Shield, and Shield of the Righteousness.
  • 这里的另一个格鲁曼飞机,隧道掘进机复仇者。
    Here's another Grumman aircraft, the TBM Avenger.
  • 他声称,“复仇者”无人机的成本大约是新型“超昂贵”有人驾驶喷气机的十分之一。
    He claims the cost of an Avenger is about a tenth of a new "hyper-expensive" manned jet.