attracted attention

—— 英文翻译成中文


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  • BKK的人气稳步提升,特别是午餐时段,而且吸引了当地众多博客的注意。
    BKK sees a steady steam of customers, especially at lunchtime, and has attracted attention among local bloggers.
  • 在这次专项行动期间,有关部门查处了一批国内外关注的案子。
    During the special operation, the authorities have investigated and dealt with several cases that attracted attention both in China and around the world.
  • 并不只是奈特莉的玲珑乳受人关注。
    It's not just Knightley's small bust which has attracted attention.
  • 朱先生今年早些时候在他的母校清华大学的演讲引起了大家的注意,当时,他非同寻常地提出了对现行政策的直接批评。
    Mr Zhu attracted attention earlier this year with a speech at his alma mater, Tsinghua University, in which he offered unusually direct criticism of current policy.
  • 1950年,米尔诺尔作为普林斯顿大学的本科生解决了前人留下的一个关于结点总曲率的未解问题,首次引起了关注。
    He first attracted attention in 1950, when, as an undergraduate at Princeton University, he solved a previously unsolved problem on the total curvature of knots.
  • 但直到最近,该方法才开始引起重视,并得到了广泛的认可。
    But it is only recently that the approach has attracted attention and become widely acceptable.
  • 第六感同样也吸引了那些从事于文字第六感的人们的注意。
    Sixth Sense has also attracted attention from those working on more literal sixth senses.
  • “如果我们带着大队人马杀过去,会引起他们的注意。” 托尼提醒杰克。
    "If we brought a parade with us, we would have attracted attention, " Tony reminded him.
  • 最早太空之旅的宇航员便在太空中注意到这个显眼的菊石同心圆地貌,因为它恰好处于荒芜的撒哈拉沙漠之中。
    Ithas attracted attention since the earliest space missions because itforms a conspicuous bull’s-eye in the otherwise rather featurelessexpanse of the desert.
  • 分析师表示,黑莓风暴的吸引之处在于它是RIM的首款触控萤幕手机,而最近推出的黑莓机大多只是旧版的升级.
    The Storm attracted attention because it was RIM's first touchscreen phone, whereas the latest batch of BlackBerrys are mostly just upgrades of older phones, analysts said.