at will

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at will - 随意,任意,随心所欲
At-Will Power - 随意威能
at-will partership - 任意合伙
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随意, 任意
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  • 由于这仅影响将来装入的类,因此不能随意地关闭或打开它。
    This only affects classes loaded in the future, so it can't be turned on and off at will.
  • 您可以随意添加和删除实例。
    You can add and remove instances at will.
  • 我们不应描绘声音,我们必须造出模仿声音的词语;我们必须在同一张纸上使用不同型号和不同颜色的墨水,任意缩短或加长词语。
    Instead of describing sounds we must make up words that imitate them; we must use many sizes of type and different colored inks on the same page, and shorten or lengthen words at will.
  • 我可以随意改变速度。
    I can vary the speed at will.
  • 可以随心所欲地将这些属性放在对象上并在以后删除。
    They can be placed upon the object, and later deleted, at will.
  • 如果人们无法控制他们的数据,它们可以被当局几乎随意地访问,那他们为什么会把它们放在云端?
    Why would people put their data on the cloud if they don't have control over it and it can be seized almost at will by the authorities, as Stallman contended?
  • 如果我们能够在她的DNA当中发现变异的基因,我们可以在其他动物身上试验这些基因,看我们能否任意减缓老化的过程。
    If we can use her DNA to find that mutant gene then we can test it in laboratory animals to see if we can switch if off and slow down the ageing process at will.
  • 这是在一部好莱坞电影中发生的事,在那�梦境可以被随意操纵。
    It is the stuff of a Hollywood movie: a dreamworld that can be manipulated at will.
  • 无论是生产者还是产品的数量都不能随意增加。
    Neither the number of its producers nor their output can be increased at will.
  • 只要主系统和备用系统保持同步状态,它们之间的角色可以随意切换。
    The roles of primary and standby can be switched at will as long as they are in a synchronized state.
  • 不仅如此,他在切尔西已经开始展现出神入化的任意球绝技了。
    And on top of all that, he's started belting in free-kicks at will with Chelsea.
  • 相反,它引入了一套可以被重用的组件,可以随意组装在一起。
    Instead, it introduced a collection of re-usable components that could be strung together at will.
  • 我们忘了他们就是我们的弟兄姐妹,而将他们视为可以随意销毁的物品。
    We forget that they are our brothers and sisters and treat them as objects that can be destroyed at will.