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assays - 测定,反向,试验
immunofluorescence assays - 法,免疫荧光测定法
Caspase Assays - 半胱氨酸酶体分析
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尝试, 化验, 分析; 被验明成分
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  • 含量检测:提供准确的结果,令对样榀中待分析物的含量或效力的准确陈述得以做出。
    Assays: provide an exact result which allow an accurate statement on the content or potency of the analyte in a sample.
  • 诊断癌症是项有挑战性的项目, 因为它需要昂贵而又费时的化验。
    Diagnosing cancer is a challenge because it requires expensive, time-consuming assays.
  • 这矿石经检验证明含金量很高。
    The ore _assays__ high in gold.
  • 这种矿石被验明含金量高。
    This ore assays high in gold.
  • 因此,免疫试验的标准化可以为不同的实验室和病人提供更好的试验结果可比性。
    Standardization of immunological assays would therefore allow better comparison of results amongst individual laboratories and patient cohorts .
  • 本文对检测致癌物的遗传毒理试验与动物致癌试验相结合的序贯判别方法进行成本-效益分析。
    Cost-effectiveness of a sequential discriminant method has been analysed for the prediction ofcarcinogenicity of chemicals with batteries of genotoxicity assays and animal assay.
  • 曾有人说过没有分析,你就没有任何东西。
    It has been said that without assays, you have nothing.
  • 这种矿石验明含银量很高。
    The ore assays high in silver .
  • 我们已经知道传统的毒物学化验和模型可能对纳米材料产生相互冲突而且常常不能重复的结果。
    We already know that traditional toxicological assays and models can produce conflicting and often irreproducible results for nanomaterials.
  • 单克隆抗体用于以免疫学为基础的诊断方法,包括酶联免疫吸附测定和放射免疫测定法。
    Monoclonal antibodies are used in immunology-based diagnostic methods, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and radioimmunoassays.
  • 这样,我们的工作会为这些神经保护药物的改良开发提供切实的材料。
    If so, our work offers concrete assays for the development of improved versions of these neuroprotective drugs.
  • EPA于2009年责成产业部门利用体外实验对激素有潜在影响的67种杀虫剂进行筛选。
    In 2009, the EPA ordered industry to use the in-vitro assays to screen 67 pesticides for their potential effect on hormones.
  • 利用两种不同测定法进行的检测结果显示在他发病第11天和第15天采集的连续血清样本的H5N1抗体效价高。
    Test results, using two different assays, showed high antibody titer for H5N1 on consecutive serum samples taken on days 11 and 15 of his illness.
  • 使用这些新的分子快速检测法,即线性探针分析法,不到两天即可得出检测结果。
    These rapid, new molecular tests, known as line probe assays, produce an answer in less than two days.
  • 最新开发的实验室检验法应该可以帮助我们,在实验室中首次确定哪些细胞反应真的可以控制HIV的复制。
    New laboratory assays developed very recently should help us determine, for the first time, which of the many cell responses can actually control HIV replication in the laboratory.
  • 这些分子特殊的性质与独有的属性为原位杂交分析提供了一个很有前景的方法。
    The particular nature and the unique properties of these molecules make their use a promising procedure for in situ hybridization assays.
  • 试管内生物分析则已经被应用于传统药物研究、标准化和质量管理。
    In vitro biological assays have also been used in the research, standardisation and quality control of traditional medicines.
  • 中心花了3年时间安装设备、开发自己的分析方法,然后开始筛选草药粗提取物、活性成分和具有生物活性的纯净化合物。
    The center spent 3 years setting up equipment and developing its own assays before beginning to screen crude herbal extracts, active fractions, and pure compounds for bioactivity.