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n. 顶点;尖端
APEXES - 王冠软木塞有限公司
The apexes - 锥顶
stem apexes - 茎尖,茎端组织
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顶, 绝顶, 峰
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  • 开发区在云南高技术产业发展、产业结构调整以及对当地经济和社会发展中起到了推动作用,形成了新的经济增长极。
    These zones of many kinds while giving impetus to the high and new technology industry, the adjustment of industrial structure, and the local economy, have become new apexes of economic growth.
  • 柱状细胞的顶部突入腺腔,在组织切片的横断面,这看起来好象它们被挤出来了。
    The apexes of the columnar cells project into the lumen of the gland and in histologic cross section appear as if they are being extruded.
  • 现有的测试算法仅从被添加或被删除规则的顶点选取测试数据包,不能检测出所有因规则冲突而导致的配置错误。
    Current test algorithms only choose test packets from apexes of added or deleted rules, which cannot detect deployment errors caused by rule conflicts.
  • 它看起来像一个玻璃荧光管,除此之外,在两端它还有一个水晶状结构以适应星形四面体的两个顶点。
    It looks like a glass fluorescent tube, except it has a crystalline structure at the ends that fit into the two apexes of the star tetrahedron.
  • 用不同浓度的6—BA对茎尖进行不同时间的处理,不同的品种对6—BA的效果不一致。
    To treat the apexes with 6-BA with different concentration for different time, we found that the effect was distinct with different varieties.
  • 针对复杂曲面物体在虚拟环境中的再现问题,依据复杂曲面上提取的已知数据点,快速反算曲面的控制顶点;
    In view of the reappearance of complex curved surface object in virtual environment, the control apexes of the surface were fast calculated based on the known points taken from the curved surface.
  • 在此基础上,给出了关于稳态磁场值、横向脉冲磁场峰值和脉冲持续时间等参数范围的磁弹性动力稳定性区域。
    After that, we give the regions of the dynamic stability on the parameters of the values of stationary magnetic field, the apexes of transverse impulse magnetic field, and the impulse duration.
  • 星星是何等神奇的三 角形的尖顶!
    The stars are the apexes of what wonderful triangles!
  • 茶季到了。人们总是挑选风和日丽地日子,从茶树上采摘露水刚刚风干地三片标准叶尖。
    The tea season comes. People often choose the warm and sunny days to pick the three standard leaf apexes from the tea trees that the dew just air-dries.
  • 虽然后者更中肯的撕裂到最高点,该基地的汽车稍微更舒适的地区低于完善路面。
    Although the latter is more apropos for tearing into apexes , the base car is slightly more comfortable in areas with less-than-perfect road surfaces.
  • 其次,以图象中的分枝点和端点为顶点,以其中的图段为边建立对应的图;
    Secondly, ramification points and extreme points in the images as the apexes , lines as the sides, set up corresponding graphics;
  • 分生组织可以在活跃生长的地区找到,例如:根端、茎端和形成层,它们亦出现于活跃生长的树叶和果实中。
    Meristems can be found in the actively growing regions of a plant such as the apexes of root and shoot or the cambium. They are also found in actively growing leaves and fruits.
  • 用不同浓度的GA_3对茎尖进行不同时间的处理,不同的品种对GA_3的效果不一致。
    To treat the apexes with GA3 with different concentration for different time, we found that the effect was distinct with different varieties.
  • 在抛物线形式的地层压力梯度线上,油水界面对应于该抛物线的顶点。
    In these curves, the apexes are one to one correspondence with the reservoir oil-water interfaces.
  • 通过研究,建立了贯叶连翘变异体诱导技术程序,获得了金丝桃素含量提高的变异体材料。
    The procedure for inducing and selecting variants from stem apexes of Hypericum perforatum was established, and a variant with higher hypericin was obtained.