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v. 回答;回复(answer的过去式)
ANSWERED - 回复,复出,已回答
I answered - 我回答
Answered Prayers - 应验的祈祷,得到回应的祈祷
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  • “我知道你过去不喜欢他。” 她回答,稍微把她那种强烈的喜悦抑制了一些。
    I know you didn't like him,' she answered, repressing a little the intensity of her delight.
  • 如果对于以上的任何一个问题,你的回答是“是”的话,那你来对地方了。
    If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you've come to the right place.
  • 每一个小孩都听到了所有的名字,但是却只回答他(她)自己的名字。
    Every kid heard every name, but answered only to his or her own name.
  • 你知道他们的回答是什么吗?
    You know what they answered?'No.
  • “不,”我回答。
    "No, " I answered.
  • 然而,正如《2004年世界粮食及农业状况》指出的那样,许多紧迫问题仍有待回答。
    As The State of Food and Agriculture 2004 points out, however, many pressing questions have yet to be answered.
  • 他几乎回答了我所有的问题。
    He answered almost all of my questions.
  • “成,你可得全告诉我,”珠儿回答。
    "Yes, if thou tellest me all," answered Pearl.
  • 如果您对上述一个或一个以上的问题的回答是肯定的,那么就需要考虑如何在应用程序中处理时间问题。
    If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then you need to think about how you handle the matter of time in your application.
  • ‘不会,为了我你可以让他整夜待在外面,’我回答。
    No, you may keep him out the whole night for me,'' I answered.
  • 他友好地回答我所有的问题,我们谈论了一个多小时。
    He kindly answered all of my questions and we talked for over an hour.
  • “我认为他们不愿意你知道关于这孩子的任何事情。” 我回答。
    I don't think they wish you to know anything about it,' I answered.
  • “不,”他回答。
    No,' he answered.
  • “是啊,是啊,”他回答,“难道这是你第一次看见他吗?
    Yes, yes,' answered he: `but is this the only time you have beheld him?
  • 他回答:“她们应当做令自己愉快的事。”
    He answered: "They shall do what they please".
  • 我敲了很长时间的门,可是无人回答。
    I've been knocking away for ages, but nobody has answered the door.
  • “我们这儿没有女仆,”他回答。
    'We have no maids here, ' he answered.
  • 豆子回答,「既然我们都幸运地死里逃生,我们就应该像好夥伴一样团结在一起。
    "Because we have so fortunately escaped death," answered the bean, "I think that we should join together as comrades.
  • “关于房租的事。” 我回答。
    About the rent,' I answered.
  • 他以平静的声音回答。
    He answered with a calm voice.
  • “没有,耐莉,我没有病,”他回答。
    No, Nelly, I have not,' he answered.
  • “不,”她回答。
    'No,' she answered.