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n. 烦恼(等于annoyance)
vt. 骚扰;惹恼;打搅
vi. 惹恼;令人讨厌;打搅
annoy irritate - 使生气,惹恼
annoy y - 使恼怒,使烦恼,惹恼
to annoy - 搅扰,缠夹,麻烦
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  • 这星期他脾气变化无常,所以不要惹他生气。
    His temper's is changeable this week, so do not annoy him.
  • 我何时令人悲哀了?
    When did I annoy people?
  • 请不要打扰我,我现在很忙!
    Please don't annoy me, I'm busying now!
  • 这件事可能会使有的人不高兴,但他们却很难阻止。
    This may annoy the others, but they can hardly stop it.
  • 你开始激怒我了,脑虫。
    You begin to annoy me, Cerebrate.
  • 我现在意识到那些曾令我烦恼不快的事情其实无关紧要。
    I realise now that the things which used to niggle and annoy me just don't really matter
  • 你故意做那件事。只是为了使我生气。
    You did that deliberately, just to annoy me.
  • 小子,你骚扰到我了!
    Man, you're really starting to annoy me!
  • 他不停地开玩笑,已开始惹她生气。
    His constant joking was beginning to annoy her.
  • 你这次又怎么惹恼了他?
    What did you do to annoy him this time?
  • 我肯定他是故意说这些事来惹恼我的。
    I'm sure he says these things deliberately to annoy me.
  • 我得特别小心别惹恼了她。
    I should be very careful not to annoy her.
  • 如果你再打扰我,我将打你耳光。
    If you annoy me much more, I'll box your ears.
  • 试着把烦心事写下来。
    Try making a note of the things which annoy you
  • 我故意气他一下。
    I was deliberately trying to annoy him.; I got him angry on purpose.
  • 有时候自己可能生你的气了。
    Sometimes oneself may living you to annoy.
  • 不,如果我们杀了她,就不会有人取乐了。
    No, if we would kill her, there would be nobody to annoy.
  • 腾不出时间多看会儿书让我很烦。
    It annoyed me that I didn't have time to do more reading
  • 如果别人不如你能干,或者似乎不够努力,你会很生气吗?
    Does it annoy you if others do things less well than you would, or don't seem to try hard enough?
  • 我开始对你的天真感到厌烦了;
    Your prattle begins to annoy me.
  • 听他说个不停,真让我不堪其烦。
    It just annoyed me to hear him going on.
  • 像那样的人真让我讨厌。
    People like that really annoy me.
  • 我想你动手惹毛我了。
    I think you are setting out to annoy me.