amniotic sac

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[胚] 羊膜囊
Amniotic sac - 羊膜囊,羊膜囊,胚囊
number of amniotic sac - 羊膜囊数
infection of amniotic sac - 羊腹腔感染
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羊 sac
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  • 也许我们真正在谈论的是羊水,也就是包围着胎儿的那些液体。
    Perhaps we are really talking about amniotic fluid, which surrounds the foetus in the birth sac.
  • 结论结膜囊成形联合羊膜移植术治疗严重结膜囊狭窄疗效肯定。
    Conclusions Conjunctival reconstruction combined with amniotic membrane transplantation were effective in the cases with severe stenosis of conjunctival sac.
  • 目的探讨羊膜移植治疗结膜囊畸形的效果及手术方法。
    Objective To investigate the method and the effect of amniotic membrane transplantation(AMT) to malformation of the treatment conjunctival sac.
  • 更糟糕的是,他们还检测到,羊膜囊也破裂了,羊水开始外流。
    Worse was to come when tests also confirmed a tear in the amniotic sac, which meant the waters were leaking.
  • 目的总结羊膜在结膜囊成形术中的应用及临床疗效。
    Objective To observe the application of amniotic membrane in conjunctival sac plasty.
  • 目的:探讨多层新鲜羊膜移植(术)治疗结膜囊狭窄的临床疗效。
    AIM:To observe the therapeutic effect of fresh multilayer amniotic membrane transplantation combined with conjunctival reconstruction for treatment of conjunctival sac stenosis.
  • 右上角是脐带。底部的白色边缘是剩下的羊水膜。
    The white fringe surrounding the bottom is the remnants of the amniotic sac .
  • 在怀孕晚期的时候,羊膜囊破裂,羊水会流出来,专业术语称之为胎膜早破。
    In the late pregnancy, the amniotic sac rupture, amniotic fluid will flow out, the professional term referred to as premature rupture of membranes.
  • 目的探讨羊膜移植在治疗严重结膜囊狭窄中的应用。
    Objective To detect the application of amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) in the treatment of severe stenosis of conjunctival sac.
  • 如果医生将胎儿、胎盘、脐带、或羊膜的碎片滞留在你的身体里,你会发生疼痛、出血,或者低烧。
    If your doctor leaves pieces of the baby, placenta, umbilical cord, or amniotic sac in your body, you may develop pain, bleeding, or a low grade fever.
  • 方法31例无眼球结膜囊狭窄患者行结膜囊成形术时,结膜缺损用羊膜移植。
    Methods 31 patients suffered conjunctival sac constriction were treated with amniotic membrane transplantation.
  • 羊水中有胎儿细胞,可培养以进行分析检测。用穿刺针自孕妇的腹壁穿入胎儿的羊膜腔中,抽取羊水。
    Amniotic fluid is withdrawn from the amniotic sac by syringe after insertion of a hollow needle into the amnion through the abdominal wall and uterine wall.
  • 目的:观察和评价羊膜在结膜囊成形术中的应用价值。
    Objective:To evaluate the value of amniotic membrane transplantation in reconstruction of conjunctival sac.
  • 充满液体的羊膜包裹并保护胎儿缓和震动。
    A protective fluid-filled amniotic sac encloses and cushions the fetus.
  • 婴儿所处的环境也在变化:婴儿生活的羊膜囊、羊水、她的缓冲垫;
    Your baby's environment is also developing: the amniotic sac where your baby will live; the amniotic fluid her cushion;
  • 羊膜中的液体包围这胎儿同样含有胎儿的DNA。
    Fluid in the amniotic sac surrounding the fetus also contains fetal DNA.
  • 目的探讨新鲜人羊膜移植治疗结膜囊狭窄临床应用的可行性及疗效。
    Objective To evaluate the clinical efficiency of fresh amniotic membrane transplantation in treatment of stenosis of conjunctival sac.
  • 结果小鼠胚胎在体外无血清培养体系中能够顺利孵化、粘附、种植及外延生长,并形成外胎盘锥和羊膜囊;
    Results Mouse embryos were successfully hatched, adhered, implanted and outspreaded under the coculture system. The extraplacental cone and amniotic sac were formed as well.
  • 在第三产程,羊膜囊破裂并被排出。
    The amniotic sac breaks and is expelled in the third stage of labor.
  • 目的探讨保存的人心包膜移植治疗羟基磷灰石义眼台植入术后结膜囊狭窄的效果。
    Clinical study on fresh multilayer amniotic membrane transplantation combined with conjunctival reconstruction for treatment of conjunctival sac stenosis;