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n. (Airy)人名;(英)艾里
adj. 空气的;通风的;幻想的;轻快的;空中的
airy - 通风的,空气的,艾里
Airy spiral - 艾里螺线,详细翻译
Airy Boutier - 鲁迪埃
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  • 他应该给我们提些劝告,但他的主意都是不切实际的。
    He was supposed to give us advice, but this ideas were airy-fairy ideas.
  • 空气新鲜的房间、清凉的水,还有黎明拂晓时的美好片刻。
    The room was airy, the water excellent, and the dawn had called me to a moment.
  • 尽管有总统关于环保减排的举重若轻的谈话,但经过全面评估,这仍会增加大多数企业和家庭的开销。
    Despite the president’s airy talk of green jobs, cutting emissions, by almost all calculations, will increase costs for most businesses and families.
  • 这种方式让脚感到既轻便又通风,之所以我们称它为Mojito,是因为它更像一条扭转的皮带。
    This form felt light and airy on the foot. So we called it the ‘Mojito’ as it was rather like a twist of lime skin.
  • 当然可以.请跟我来.这地方很宽敞.通风很好.
    Sure. Follow me, please. It`s quite roomy and airy.
  • 高尔夫球车载着我们走过喷泉和整洁的花园,来到凉爽而通风的套房里,套房窗外可以俯瞰大西洋。
    We were whisked by golf buggy past fountains and manicured gardens to a cool, airy suite overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 称为awajouyu的这不多的一抹酱油具有一种轻快的滋味,与咀嚼牛肉的纹理相得益彰。
    The airy savoriness of the awajouyu, a thimble-sized blob of whipped soy sauce, served with it complemented the meat’s chewy texture nicely.
  • 例如,airy 和 fresh 是一对近义词,但我们却不能使用粗体的airy 作为此项目列的标题。
    For example, one word-processing program suggests airy as a synonym for fresh, but airy wouldn’t make sense as the bold heading of this bullet item.
  • 老人家离开亲自装修的、可以轻快生活的公寓到这个米黄色的、像医院病房一样房间来和一个陌生人做室友。
    She left an airy apartment she furnished herself for a small beige hospital-like room with a stranger for a roommate.
  • 这个房间里高的天花板以及有很多窗子的墙体都让奥奈尔的小空间光线充足,也更通风。
    A high ceiling and wall of windows gives O'Neill's small space a light, airy feel.
  • 没有其他纤维在皮肤上触摸起来更自然光滑和轻盈。
    No other fabric feels as naturally smooth and airy against the skin.
  • 把它挂在通风的地方。
    Hang it in an airy place.