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prep. 反对,违反;靠;倚;防备
adj. 不利的;对立的
Against - 对阵,针对,迎战
Against wind - 逆风,顶风,顺风
defence against - 防御,保卫,防备
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紧靠着 / 碰着 / 反对 / 对抗
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相反; 逆着; 反对
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  • 在金属价格下跌的背景下,利润提高了。
    The profits rise was achieved against a backdrop of falling metal prices.
  • 团结运动中各派搞分裂,在此情况下教皇发出号召,呼吁祖国保持团结。
    The Pope has sent a message appealing for unity in his homeland, against a background of divisions in the Solidarity movement
  • 他不想违抗德国政府的意愿。
    He didn't want to go against the wishes of the German government
  • 无论强制扣押多长时间都属违法。
    It is against the law to detain you against your will for any length of time
  • 游行本身反对的是政府新出台的“人头税”。
    The demonstration itself was against the Government's new Community Charge.
  • 根据既定目标检验操作员的效率。
    Check the operator's productivity against agreed targets
  • 今天美元对大多数外汇的比价都有所下降。
    The US dollar is down against most foreign currencies today.
  • 一次训练事故之后,比利·哈迪退出了和诺埃尔·卡罗尔的第二次比赛。
    Billy Hardy has pulled out of his second fight against Noel Carroll after a training accident.
  • 我在和阿森纳队的比赛中上演了帽子戏法。
    I scored a hat-trick against Arsenal.
  • 她紧靠着他。
    She leaned against him
  • 他们据理反对关闭医院。
    They are arguing against hospital closures
  • 这次巡回赛将包括和澳大利亚野人队的比赛。
    The tour will include games against the Australian Barbarians
  • 我们认为作弊是违反规定的。
    We thought cheating was against the rules.
  • 公司需要上保险以防备火灾、洪灾等风险。
    A business needs insurance against risks such as fire and flood
  • 他们打算绕着小岛逆潮航行。
    They were going to sail around the little island, against the tide.
  • 你对女性存有芥蒂吗,莱斯?
    Have you got something against women, Les?
  • 税收不受欢迎——选民们反对是可以理解的。
    Taxes are unpopular — it is understandable that voters are against them
  • 琼极力反对进行药物治疗。
    Joan was very much against commencing drug treatment.
  • 在一张靠墙的餐桌上有啤酒和葡萄酒。
    On a table pushed against a wall there were bottles of beer and wine.
  • 我对外国人并无芥蒂。
    I have nothing against foreigners.
  • 我必须警告你不要期望过高。
    I must warn you against raising your hopes.
  • 你违法了。
    You transgressed against the law.
  • 在调查取得的宣誓证词中对他们提出了指控。
    The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the inquiry.
  • 对我们的政策作出评判必须根据一条明确的准则:它是否会提高教育的水准?
    Our policy has to be judged against a clear test: will it improve the standard of education?
  • 你给你的孩子打过百日咳疫苗了吗?
    Have you had your child vaccinated against whooping cough?
  • 有人声称葡萄酒有助于预防心脏病。
    It has been claimed that wine helps protect against heart disease.
  • 他活下来的概率非常小。
    The odds against him surviving are incredible.
  • 他不顾医生的劝告自行出院了。
    He discharged himself from hospital against the advice of doctors.