active area

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  • 在迅速发展的量子信息领域,量子纠缠的研究一直是一个非常活跃的领域。
    In the rapidly developing field of quantum information, investigation of quantum entanglement is always a very active area.
  • 它做为全球气候变化的源头,也是海洋双层循环最为活跃的地区。
    North Atlantic is the source areas of the global climate change, which is the most active area of sea circulation.
  • 尤其,黑洞热力学的学科,保持一个研究的有效面积,被彻底对待。
    In particular, the subject of black hole thermodynamics, which remains an active area of research, is treated in depth.
  • 有效区域扫描并不能曝露出塔盘水力学的重要信息。
    The active area scan did not reveal anything remarkable about the tray hydraulics.
  • 右侧活动区域被磁环搅乱。
    The active area on the right churns with magnetic loops.
  • 超级计算中一个活跃的研究领域是将某些有限和,如离散富里叶变换(DFT)、离散余弦变换(DCT),映射到多处理机阵列上。
    An active area of research in supercomputing is concerned with mapping certain sums, such as dis-crete Fourier transforms (DFT) and discrete cosine transforms (DCT) to multi-processor arrays.
  • 随着宽带网络应用的发展,宽带接入技术成为目前比较活跃的技术领域。
    With development of broadband network application, the accessing technology of broadband network becomes an active area.
  • 在规定的有效面积的象素的数量安排水准以垂直,那补足一幅图像。
    The number of pixels in a given active area arranged horizontally by vertically that make up an image.
  • 目前,最活跃的研究领域涉及引进一个胞嘧啶基因进入肿瘤细胞。
    Currently, the most active area of research involves introducing one of the cytosine genes into the cancer cell.
  • 阿留申群岛的阿拉斯加是火山活跃区--这里有很多航线经过,而火山灰也很可能飘到这。
    In Alaska in the Aleutian Islands—it's a volcanically active area—and there's a lot of flight pathways that would cross where that ash would potentially drift.
  • 试图解释它是今天研究的一个活跃领域。
    Attempts to explain it are an active area of research today.
  • 发展自统计学的聚类分析已成为数据挖掘中的一个十分活跃的研究领域。
    The clustering analysis derived from statistic has become an active area in the research on data mining.
  • 新马德里断层仍然是一个地震活跃地区,专家预计一重复。
    The New Madrid Fault remains a seismically active area and experts expect a repeat.
  • 胶体药物载体的纳米技术是在药学研究中最活跃的领域。
    Research on colloidal drug carriers is the most active area in nano-technology concerned with pharmic research.
  • 在左侧的活动区域中跳起一个小耀斑。
    A small flare rises from the active area on the left.
  • 为开展成本与效益分析而进行的环境资源价值评估研究是非常活跃且发展迅速的领域。
    Evaluating the environmental and natural resources for the benefit and cost analysis is a very active area in natural resource and environmental economics.
  • 因此,科学计算的一个组成部分物理和计算物理领域的一个活跃的研究领域。
    Thus, scientific computation is an integral part of physics, and the field of computational physics is an active area of research.
  • 重要抽样技术是结构可靠度分析活跃的发展方向之一。
    The technique of importance sampling is an active area in the development of reliability analysis.
  • 有效面积的宽度对高度的比率 展示。
    The width-to-height ratio of the active area of a display.
  • 热量传递网络的优化综合与模拟,一直是热量利用系统工程的最活跃的研究领域。
    The optimal integration and simulation of heat transfer network is the most active area in the study of systematic engineering of heat utilization.
  • STM 过去几年中一直是一个活跃研究领域,Haskell、Clojure 和 Fortress 等语言包括(有点不同)该概念的实现。
    STM has been an active area of research for the last few years and languages like Haskell, Clojure, and Fortress include (somewhat different) implementations of the concept.
  • 由于光束传播会通过有效区域,每个分段的输出电流都可用于计算光点位置。
    As the spot is translated across the active area, the current output for each segment can be used to calculate the position of the spot.