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n. 账目(account的复数);账号;会计账簿
v. 以为;把…归因于(account的第三人称单数)
accounts - 帐号,账目,往来帐目
key accounts - 关键客户,要客户,要害客户
accounts receivables - 应收账款,应收应计项目,应收帐款
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  • 如果您处理来自 US 以外国家的账户,您需要做一些额外的事情。
    If you work with accounts from countries other than US, you have some additional stuff to do.
  • 但是预先警告:有些网络服务条款也许会阻止你转移账号到另一个人手上。
    But be forewarned: Some online terms of service may prevent you from transferring accounts to other people.
  • 请您到新开帐户柜台去开立您的帐户,同时,我在这里为您填写收据,好吗?
    C;Will you please go to the New Accounts counter to open your account while I fill out your receipt?
  • 这个会计因企图篡改公司账目而被捕。
    The treasurer was arrested for trying to manipulate the company's accounts.
  • 你们有什么种类的定期存款账户?
    What kind of savings accounts do you have?
  • 这些应该是标准应用程序服务帐户;我这里所指的是不由任何其他应用程序或用户共享的非登录帐户。
    These should be standard application service accounts, and by that I mean non-login accounts that are not shared by any other applications or users.
  • 因此,应该在每个云实例上创建用户账号。
    Thus, user accounts should be created on each cloud instance.
  • 这些脱落的皮屑占你家总尘埃量的比例最高可以达到90%。
    Shed skin accounts for up to 90 percent of the dust in your home.
  • 接下来所有您要做的就是在两台机器上设置相同的帐户。
    Then, all you need is for the same user to have accounts on both machines.
  • 他窜改了账目。
    He doctored the accounts.
  • 它可以是一组用户、客户、帐户、房子、计算机或任何东西。
    It can be a set of users, customers, accounts, houses, computers, or whatever.
  • 我们的内心都有一个爱的银行,而每个我们认识的人都有一个银行账户。
    Inside all of us is a Love Bank with accounts in the names of everyone we know.
  • 拖延行为的本质在于不去干那些你认为你应该干的事情,这种思想的扭曲导致了这种习惯给人们带来的巨大的心灵负担。
    The essence of procrastination lies in not doing what you think you should be doing, a mental contortion that surely accounts for the great psychic toll the habit takes on people.
  • 我们需要个人储蓄帐户,但我们[必须]修补这个系统。
    We need personal savings accounts, but we [have] to fix this system.
  • 从那时起每三个月,我会在他们的帐户里存入他们的零花钱。 在他们长大后,这笔存款里也包括了他们的服装津贴。
    Every three months since then, I have deposited pocket money for them in their savings accounts and, as they have grown older, their clothing allowance as well.
  • 整个公司的账目都是由这个部门检查。
    The accounts of the whole company are controlled in this department.
  • 这之后,可能进入财务部,在那里单个收费记录将会应用到适当的帐户和成本中心。
    After that, it may go to accounting, where the individual charges will be applied to the appropriate accounts and cost centers.
  • 如果他们行使这一权力,预计提高限额会扩展到所有存款,因为大企业撤户对银行的影响会是毁灭性的。
    If they use the authority, it is expected to extend to all deposits, as the loss of large corporate accounts for banks can be devastating.
  • 这次的外出旅游账目由我负责管理。
    The travelling accounts are handled by me.
  • 癌症的历史又是如何呢?有其他的描述吗?
    And what of the history of cancer? Are there other accounts?
  • 那就解释了这个现象。
    And that accounts for this phenomenon.