accounting for

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accounting for - 占,入帐,会计问题
Accounting Regulation for Enterprises - 企业会计制度,企业会计制度,《企业会计制度》
accounting practice for goodwill - 商誉会计
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  • 并且向我先前提到的那样,我找了一些人管理我的账户,因为否则那样的待遇是不可能的。
    And as I mentioned earlier, I got someone to do my accounting for me, because that would have been impossible otherwise.
  • 这一表现的详细内容依赖于您的企业架构投资策略,其中包括用于实现基础构造的财务会计。
    The details of such a manifestation are dependent on your enterprise architecture investment strategy, including the financial accounting for the realization of the infrastructure.
  • 比如说这是本介绍会计学的书,你可以写上:关于数学,所有我所需要知道的只有“我+你=爱情”。
    If it’s intro to accounting for example, you could write “all the math i need to know is me + u = love”.
  • 心理学家们已经发现了能解释这个差异的一个重要因素,那就是人们在日常生活中对控制能力的认知度。
    Psychologists have found that a substantial factor accounting for this variability is the perceived degree of control that people have over their daily lives.
  • 这一结果即使考虑了在收入和健康方面的差别以后也是如此。
    This result held even after accounting for differences in income and health.
  • 我这样一说,你就可以不必费神去解释了;我通盘考虑了一下,觉得你的爱完全合情合理。
    There -- I have saved you the trouble of accounting for it; and really, all things considered, I begin to think it perfectly reasonable.
  • 他们正在进行统计死亡和失踪人数。
    They are accounting for the deceased and missing.
  • 它允许网络访问服务器(NAS)执行对用户的验证、授权和记帐。
    It allows a network access server (NAS) to perform authentication, authorization, and accounting for users.
  • 他们以前虽然完全蒙在鼓里,没有看出达西先生爱上了他们的外甥女儿,可是他们现在觉得一定是这么回事,否则他这百般殷勤就无法解释了。
    Nothing had ever suggested it before, but they now felt that there was no other way of accounting for such attentions from such a quarter than by supposing a partiality for their niece.