account of

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account of - 在某人帐上重视,某帐上重视,全险
account t of receipts - 收入表
account t of payments - 支出表
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  • 请对你的行为作出解释。
    Give me an account of your behavior.
  • 你为什么不就所发生的事写一份报告呢?
    Why don't you write your account of what happened?
  • 这样看来,我们各人必要将自己的事在上帝面前说明。
    So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
  • 我可以相信他对发生的事所作的叙述。
    I can trust his account of what happened.
  • 这一事件的不同记述中,有某些相似之处。
    There are some resemblance between the account of the incident.
  • 对这件事他的说法和你的说法不一致。
    His account of the affair do not agree with yours.
  • 正是在三一学院这儿,我将对你们阐述他如何在你们中间生活,如何在这些年中取得他的最伟大的成就。
    Here in Trinity it is right that I should give you an account of how he lived amongst you during these years of his greatest achievement.
  • 这种做法丝毫没有考虑资本货物的贬值。
    It takes no account of the depreciation of capital goods.
  • 因为习惯,我们将不会有和平的男人。
    We will not have peace humans on account of habits.
  • 他邀请她共进晚餐,可是她因有紧急的事务婉言谢绝了邀请。
    He invited her to dinner, but she declined on account of urgent business.
  • 对这件事他的说法和你的说法不一致。
    His account of the affair does not agree with yours.
  • 据我所知,他辞职的原因是由于健康状况不佳。(用作表语)
    So far as I know, his resignation is on account of failing health.
  • 她的作为难民经历的描述感动得我们热泪盈眶。
    The account of her experiences as a refugee moved us to tears.
  • 你应该给我一个你昨天缺席的原因。
    You should give me an account of your absence yesterday.
  • 他们对于战争起因的报导和我们的相抵触。
    Their account of the causes of the was conflicts with ours.
  • 你也许读到过关于这件事的一些报道。
    You may have been some account of the matter.
  • 你为什么那么做?难道是由于昨天我说的那些话?
    Why did you do it ? Was it on account of what I said yesterday?
  • 他对这个事件的描述与你的描述一致。
    His account of the incident accords with yours.
  • 这样看来,我们各人必要将自己的事,在神面前说明。
    So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
  • 你应当仔细考虑你的未来。
    You must take account of your future.