accompany with

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accompany with - 伴随着,伴有
to accompany words with acts - 既有言论又有行动
Accompany With Lemon Wedges - 附上柠檬片
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  • 全体职员愿为您的光临竭诚服务,伴您度过美好的青云山之旅。
    All the staff and personnel are at your service in accompany with your pleasant trip in Mount Qingyun.
  • 谁说不能找孤独来陪伴?。
    Who says you can't accompany with loneliness.
  • 今天,我决定,即使没有人陪伴我,我也去游泳。
    Today I decided to swim even if nobody accompany with me.
  • 曾经以为在我生命里会永远相伴相随的人。
    Have thought that in my life who would always accompany with.
  • 当朋友来找我,我们通常到外面吃饭。有时我也和父母出去吃那是因为他们想让我见他们的朋友。
    Normally when my friends call on me, we go out for eating. Sometimes I also accompany with my parents eating out when they want me to see their friends.
  • 很多长期呆在家中的市民出门散步,有的甚至带上自家的宠物,共同享受雪后的第一缕阳光。
    Amounts of peoople who have stayed at home for long period come out for promenading,some people walking accompany with their pet dogs which enjoy the first sunshine after this snowstrom together.
  • 结果典型浅表脂肪瘤包膜多不清或隐约可见,内部呈相对低回声伴有稍强小条索。
    Results Envelope of typical superficial lipoma is not clear, their internal echogenicity were anechoic and accompany with hyperechoic strip.
  • 这个研究所无疑将永远与理想主义相伴。
    This institute will accompany with the idealism without doubt forever.
  • 我发现没有人可以陪我。
    I find nobody can accompany with me.
  • 我们的梦想会陪伴着我们。
    Our dreams will accompany with us.
  • 深夜听着旋律哭泣,我怕寂寞的黑。用音乐陪伴自己。
    Listening to the melody of the night listening to the melody, I'm afraid of the dark black. Accompany with music.
  • 或许通过这种方式,死者可以每天陪伴在亲人身旁。
    Ann: Maybe through this method, the decedent can accompany with his families every day.
  • 随着年龄的增长,声望对于职业选择的重要程度呈上升趋势。
    Accompany with the growing of age, the importance of prestige shows the trend of increasing.
  • 每个人都会有压力,更好的解压方式,我想,旅游、陪伴亲人,都比喝酒买醉来得健康,有意义得多。
    Everyone has pressure, but the better way to release, I think, is to accompany with family, or tour, much healthy way to buy bottles of beers, and more meaningful.
  • 秋天的蓝天陪伴一生的梦幻。
    The blue sky in autumn , accompany with whole –life dreams .
  • 长长的人生旅程,有你相伴是我一生的幸福。
    Long long journey, accompany with you is the happiness of my life.
  • 在我最难熬的时候主陪伴在我身边和我一同渡过…
    My lord will accompany with me when I am in hard time.
  • 伴随着一些很奇怪的声音,听得人心头打颤。
    Accompany with some very strange voices, listen to the popular head shivering.
  • 你通常会与什麽同伴去海洋公园?
    Who always accompany with you to go to Ocean Park?
  • 但是你知不知道友谊是无论发生什么都可以陪在我们身边的港口。
    But do you know that friendship is the harbor that can accompany with us no matter what happen.
  • 随着石油工业的发展,水力压裂这项工艺技术已广泛用于油气勘探和开发中。
    Accompany with the development of petroleum technology, fracturing is widely applied in oil field exploration and exploitation.