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vt.陪伴;伴随...发生;补充;给 ... 伴奏
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陪同 / 为⋯伴奏 / 伴随
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陪同, 伴随; 随着...发生; 为...伴唱, 为...伴奏; 伴唱, 伴奏
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vt. 陪伴,伴随;伴奏
vi. 伴奏,伴唱
accompany - 陪伴,伴随,陪同
to accompany - 伴奏,陪伴,随行
Lonely accompany - 孤独地陪,孤独的陪伴,陪伴寂寞
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  • 在赫伯特·怀斯曼的风琴伴奏下,我们演唱了布莱克的《耶路撒冷》作为终曲。
    We ended with Blake's Jerusalem, accompanied on the organ by Herbert Wiseman.
  • 非旋转的运动可能伴随着有角动量。
    Angular momentum can accompany nonrotational motion.
  • 小张随同代表团出国访问去了。
    Xiao Zhang has gone to accompany a delegation on a visit abroad.
  • 如果你陪我,我将很乐意去。
    I shall be glad to go if you accompany me.
  • 巴伦邀请她陪他参加比赛。
    Barron invited her to accompany him to the races
  • 首相在州长陪同下带领总统前往那座房子。
    The Prime Minister, accompanied by the governor, led the President up to the house.
  • 在热烈的掌声中,提案以2比1的优势很快通过了表决。
    The proposal was instantly voted through with two to one in favour, accompanied by enthusiastic applause
  • 可能所附的图表能对此作出解释。
    Perhaps the accompanying illustration will explain it.
  • 所有订单均须附汇款。
    A remittance must accompany all orders.
  • 她由弟弟陪着。
    She was accompanied by her younger brother
  • 在这个看似和长时间短的时间,感谢为始终有你陪我。
    In this long and seemingly short time, thanks for always have you accompany me.
  • 你可以用花生米下酒。
    You can accompany the wine with peanuts.
  • 我炖了些豆子,和羊肘子一块吃。
    I braised some beans to accompany a shoulder of lamb.
  • 我会永远陪着你,我会永远爱你!
    I will always accompany you, I will always love you!
  • 我会和你一起去,但他说的的确有道理。
    I will accompany you, but he makes sense.
  • 今年春节,我陪父亲归省。
    During this spring festival, I will accompany my father to visit his hometown.
  • 起程的日子就要到了,我告诉妻子我不能陪他们了。
    As the day set for departure drew near, I told my wife that I could not accompany them.
  • 我都陪伴着你。
    I will accompany you.
  • 他一边唱,艾丽斯一边为他钢琴伴奏。
    He sang and Alice accompanied him on the piano
  • 我陪你回家。
    I'll accompany you home.
  • 船夫们一边划桨一边喊号子。
    The boatmen accompany the stroke of their oars with the sound of their voices.
  • 这本文集是为配合在科隆举办的一场展览而出的。
    This volume of essays was designed to accompany an exhibition in Cologne
  • 请和我就伴一起散散步。
    Please accompany me on my walk.
  • 每一份征求意见表均附有一个无须贴邮票的业务回函信封。
    A return business-reply envelope, requiring no stamp, would accompany each questionaire.