access road

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  • 工程项目涉及建造主要建于地面的东面通道,以及在拟建排水渠的两条支管上面建造两条天桥。
    The Project involves the construction of primarily at- grade Eastern Access Road and two bridges over the two branches of the proposed drainage channels.
  • 毗连钻石山殡仪馆,通往钻石山火葬场思亲堂的通路。
    The access road adjacent to the diamond hill funeral parlour leading to sze chen hall of diamond hill crematorium .
  • 学习一门新技术时,必需开通很多以前从来没有的新通路。
    A study of new technologies, the need has never been opened, many of the new access road .
  • 通过后门关系,在迪斯尼世界的魔法王国呆 12 分钟是要付出代价的。
    Living 12 minutes from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, with a backdoor access road, comes at a price.
  • 总的来说,他们在大巴士(机尾)附近的进出道路上。
    Basically, they remained adjacent to the bus (tail section), on the access road.
  • 临时通路应铺砌压碎的砂砾,以保护路面;
    Temporary access road shall be protected by crushed gravel;
  • 在入口道路有很大的预留空间,用于酒店的服务,车库和设备。
    Under the access road there is big space reserved for service part of hotel, garage and technical spaces.
  • 施工现场、道路要保持畅通,各主干道不准堆放设备、材料、物品。
    On the jobsite , keep the access free of any blockage, no any storage of equipment, material, stuff on the main access road permitted.
  • 该发射场还有两个发射台,其中一个距离主区180米,另外一个位于通往进入G215国道的道路上。
    Two launch pads are visible, one only 180 meters from the main section, the other on the access road leading to national road G215.
  • 由于该处正在施工,导致该路段必须被封闭一半形成瓶颈,阻碍车辆的进出。
    The access road is half closed and formed a bottle-neck to obstruct the free flow of vehicles passing through the area.
  • 梯级水电站的对外公路通常会经过已经建好的水库库区,在公路修建中不可避免地遇到水库淤积泥沙路段。
    The access road of cascade hydropower stations will often get across existed reservoir region, and the sediment access will be inevitably built on reservoir alluvium.
  • 我看见一辆车停在公路边。
    I saw a car parked down the access road .
  • 紫坪铺公路改建工程高边坡地质情况复杂恶劣,采取了钢筋混凝土锚杆框架梁对坡体进行锚固。
    Owing to complicated and adverse geological conditions, the frame girder of reinforced concrete anchor bar was applied to reinforce the high slope of rebuilt access road.
  • 上坝施工道路分期、分层布置;
    The access road to the dam was arranged by stages and layers.
  • 在湖面上荡漾的游船及在主园路通行的观光车穿梭自如,可引游人游遍各个景区。
    In the lake, the waves of cruise ships and in the main access road of the tourist car shuttle with ease, visitors may be cited throughout the various scenic spots.
  • 我说:“进厂道路的进度怎么样?”
    Gao: I said: how about the progress of access road?
  • 承包商对于通路和井位,要提供最低要求的详细说明以及示意图,并作为此合同的附件。
    CONTRACTOR to provide detailed description and schematics of minimum requirements for access road and drilling location as appendix to contract.
  • 在通过G215国道附近公路旁边有一个发射台。
    A launch pad is located along the access road close to G215.
  • 凯瑟琳友好地挥了挥手,然后沿着弯曲的道路,向她通常停车的地方开过去。 这停车场不大,有两层,她的车停在楼下。
    Katherine gave a friendly wave and continued up the winding access road to her usual parking spot at the bottom of the small, two-tiered lot.
  • 通往数码港的南面通路和公共交通交汇处已进入后期施工阶段,将于二零零二年年初启用,以配合数码港大楼的落成。
    The Southern Access Road and the public transport interchange are in an advanced stage of construction and will be opened in early 2002 to coincide with the completion of the Cyberport building.
  • 华堂高尔夫庄园临近京通路;
    Huatang Golf Estate near the access road to Beijing;